Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

Okay one more try and then I have to go clean the house. I have been trying for a few hours to get this posted. In the meantime I have got the office cleaned up some so it has not been wasted time. First Imageshack was giving me problems loading the pictures, and then blogger puked a couple of times so here goes.

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I have been off line since Saturday as we have redone the office. With Oops paint, remnant carpet and mostly sale or clearance items (the contact paper was full price) we redid the whole room in well under a $100 - beat that Trading Spaces. I still have to finish (okay start) the curtain panels for the closet door, and what Trading Spaces calls dress the room - pictures up etc. But I have the computer hooked up so that is what counts. I didn't take a before picture but those of you that have been here may remember, purple walls, no curtains, wood shelf.

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Megan's room is next, but while I was looking for a twin bed for her I found a very reasonable great loft bed, that had a computer desk where a bottom bunk would go. Found though is a relative term because of course they didn't have any in stock. I have called every Meijer's between Mom's and here and it appears to be a chronic condition. I have been looking on line and a few other places and it has now become a mission to find a bed I can afford for her room. But we picked up purple oops paint yesterday so that part is ready. Now the race is to see what happens first, I find a bed or Megan gets her room clean enough to empty out and paint!

Friday, January 07, 2005

You Can't Make This Kind of Stuff Up

I just read this on the scroll on CNN - Gallop Poll shows 75% of Americans have prayed for the victims of the tsunami while only 45% have actually donated cash. Now here's the good part - the survey also showed that 6% of the people polled had thought about praying for the victims but had not actually got around to doing it while 19% had not even considered it.

Now I know that thinking about doing something and actually doing it are two different things, but praying. How do you think about praying but not do it? And how much do they pay to think up things to poll about?

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Two Weeks if Anyone is Counting

Today was supposed to me my first 'normal' day in over two weeks. Megan is finally back in school, Gordon is working, no interviews. An if it wasn't for the fancy liars dressed up like weathermen I would be. They have been tracking this winter storm since the weekend with all of the snow going south of us. In fact it was supposed to stay over a hundred miles south of us. The original forecasts (and by original I mean the ones I heard yesterday morning on my was down for an interview) was that the snow was to start heavy around sunset, that it would be as far north as I-69 (which is 100 miles south of me) with sleet mixed with snow the farther south you get. I heard this all day - 4 to 11 inches depending on where you are, heaviest the farther south you go. This has been the pattern for most of my life up here, Detroit gets way more snow then we do, so I believed these charlatans. On my way home the snow line was moved to Saginaw - still 60 miles south of me. The 11:00 news kept the snow line at Saginaw and gave us flurries. My first clue was Megan coming in the room this morning and telling me school had been cancelled. HA - so much for my first normal day. I had planned on doing laundry, cleaning the house and updating my blog. Laundry now involves getting my car out of the drive so Megan can just wear to school tomorrow whatever she was planning on wearing today. I cleaned my desk off as I waited for this to come up so part of the house is done, and I will probably do the rest. Megan and Bryan are out now shoveling the driveway.

In other news I had an interview in Tawas on Tuesday - the pay is minimal but it is local and offers great benefits. I had a "Meet and Greet" for a temp job in Romulus yesterday and was assured that they would let me know by this morning, of course I have heard nothing but maybe the snow....

I went to renew my driver's license for the first time since my lasik surgery, and looked forward to having "corrective lenses" taken off. For the eye test there were three columns and about five rows with the letters getting progressively bigger in each row. The first column was empty, so I read the letters from the second and third columns, first row. The woman then asked me what was in the first column I explained that this was blank. She said no, there are letters there. I said your machine must be broke it is blank. She said, "did they only fix one eye?" Oh. She then asked me to try the test with my glasses. I don't have any glasses, I don't need glasses. She asked some one else what they did in this situation and - the good news is I only need one eye to drive in Michigan, the bad news is everyone else only needs one also.

I've been watching a lot of news these past couple of weeks, fascinated by the tsunami coverage.

There are new pictures available on yahoo in album called December 2004 http://photos.yahoo.com/gretchengerth