Monday, May 29, 2006

It's A Date

If things went smoothly while trying to book this Vegas thing then it wouldn't seem like a real vacation. Last night we went on line and changed the dates to accommodate Melody and added high speed internet for Robin and YIKES, the cost went up to $500+ per person. I tried putting back in the same dates that I had used last week and it was still over five hundred per person. The flight had changed too from a Northwest flight to a Spirit flight. There were only two hotel choices and they were not any of the ones on my previous lists. So I went to the Sam's Town website and they don't list internet connectivity, I check out the rates for the room packages and they have a birthday special during the month of your birthday they don't go all the way to October but September is $35 and $75 a night, I then called Sam's Town and asked them about internet connection. They said that they did not have high speed connection in rooms they date data/modem ports. But that there was high speed connection within the hotel. So back to the selection removing high speed internet from my requirements. This accomplished (I had to delete cookies and temp files since I could not get back to the screen where I listed my hotel preferences, I could change my dates but for my convenience they remembered my preferences) the rates were back down to the $350 range. They still had the Spirit flight though and I wanted to get Melody on the same flight to Vegas as us. So I opened a new window and went to Orbitz to check on the flight for her, the cheapest flight was on Spirit and included the same flight to Vegas, I booked it. Went back to the Vegas packages and attempted to book us with the Sam's Town package. The page had timed out and I had to reenter. Good the same flight came up, select Sam's Town (I keep wanting to type Sam's Club), "Sorry our system in unavailable right now please try again later" later, what if I don't get the same flight!? Going back to Orbitz I look for 4 tickets to Vegas for the dates I want and the cost with the birthday rate for the rooms is slightly less than the package deal on the other web site. So I book the flights. So we have tickets but no room. Melody leaves LA on 10/12/06 at noon and arrives in DTW at 7:25pm, we all leave DTW on 10/25/06 at 9:15 and arrive in Las Vegas at 10:35, 4 of us leave Las Vegas on 10/28/06 at 11:05pm arriving back at DTW the next morning at 6:00am. I figure we have a few months to see what room deals are available. I'm getting real excited.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Where Was I?

Off to California that is where I was. This will not be a long post as I have a house full of small children. But I figured if I did not post at all some might get upset.

I had a wonderfully productive conference. As it was the first conference in Nar-Anon's 40 year history there was a lot to be done, and we did it. It was an incredible experience, but there is still a of work to be done. I volunteered for the events committee, and applied for and was voted onto the Board of Trustees. This program has done so much for me it is important to me that it continues to be available for those that need it.

It was great seeing everyone out in California again, Caitlyn's pictures do not do her justice at all. She is an truly beautiful baby with a very sweet disposition. She has a beautiful smile and smiles alot. We got together for dinner often, and Melody and I got some shopping time in where I finally found a purse, we didn't even look for brown shoes.

I am back home now and not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. Although, as much as I missed these kids I am ready for them to all go back to their parents.