Monday, September 17, 2007

Gotta love 'em

Megan went to the movies of Friday and I was dozing in the chair around 6:30 Sean came in:

S: My mom needs to borrow something.
G: What?
S: I don't remember.
G: Should we call your mom?
S: Nope.

Sean begins wandering around the kitchen. Then says, "that" pointing at the spice rack.

G: Salt?
S: No
G: Pepper?
S: No, the one with the red on it.
G: Lawry's
S: No, the one with red.

I meanwhile have been walking into the kitchen I pick up the Lawry's and say, "this?"

S: Yea, seasoning stuff.
G: What is your mom making.
S: Steak
G: OK then she probably needs this.

I fit the salt into his pocket and off he goes to ride his bike home. About 5 minutes later Robin calls, "I need butter for the potatoes, I have no idea where he got the idea I needed Lawry's"

Back comes Sean with the Lawry's and I send him off with a stick of butter.

About an hour later I went over to Robin's

G: How come I wasn't invited over for steak?
R: Steak? We had pork chops.

Later I was on the phone with Robin's uncle when her landline rang. We figured it was Megan calling for a ride home from the theater. Robin had Josh and Sean on her lap and asked Sean to answer it. It rang again while he looked at Robin, then again while he slid down her legs, then again while he turned up the volume on the TV, then again while he twirled across the room, then again while he tossed everything off the table looking for the phone ringing yet again on the counter. He picked it up and said, "they hung up." Reminded me of a living "Family Circle" comic.