Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Almost There

Well my bags are packed and I’m ready to go. My flight leaves Detroit at 10:15 and with a short stop and change in Chicago I arrive in LA at 1:42. I have meetings and stuff all weekend, although I have already said that I don’t want the Chicken Teriyaki or the vegetarian platter for Friday’s dinner, and I forget what other wonderfully sounding entrĂ©es I declined for Sunday’s. Monday I am done and on my way to family time.

Not much else is going on. I still do not have a pair of brown shoes, but that has been eclipsed by the impossibility of finding a purse I like. One would think that my simple requirements would not be hard to fulfill. Unfortunately one requirement is that it isn’t extremely ugly.

My divorce from my previous internet provider apparently was not as successful as I thought. About a month ago I received a past due notice from them and sent a detailed letter as to why I did not owe them $150. I received a call this past Saturday with CoreComm willing to accept a settlement of $100 on my account. I explained that I had sent a letter detailing my attempts to cancel my account. The rep said that they had received the letter but the $150 charge was for early cancellation. I said no I paid through my contract end in November, but was told that “you renewed on 11/28/05” “no, no I didn’t CoreCom chose to renew without my consent.” That was why according to the rep they were willing to offer me a settlement of only $100. I offered my own settlement, and wrote another letter. Oh well.

I checked out the Waiter’s Rant blog linked on Tim’s blog, and I think I could definitely do a consumer’s rant. Why do I always get the idiot to deal with, or are there only idiots?