Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Rapid Interviewing

First - Presenting the presentation.  I had assumed that I could run up to Wal-mart and pick up a few of the .25 folder thingies that we used in school.  They are clear plastic, one piece folded that has a clip bar that slides down the left hand side.  I guess I've been out of the do-it-yourself presentation (without a spiral binder on hand) business too long.  They still make the thingies, only now they are much nicer plastic and the clip is attached and swings off.  They run in price (at wal-mart) from .80 to $3.00 each.  They had told me to bring 4 - one for me, and three for the people interviewing me.  So I begrudgingly picked up 4 of the .80 ones.  Then saw a clearance racked and saw what looks like a dou-tang clip folder only plastic and the front page is clear.  Package of 5 on clearance for $1.25, just what I wanted.  They had two packages so I bought them both, I really like the idea of giving them out at interviews.  Since they only have 2 prongs, I took the middle prong out of my 3-hole punch and they fit perfectly.  I bound up four copies and slid in unbound a copy of my resume, reference list, and reference letters.

I also did not take a nap when I could barely keep my eyes open at 8:00 last night.  I figured since nothing was on on Wednesday I could watch all of my Tuesday tapes (Mommies, Comics, and Poker) tonight.  I could watch BB and AR and then go to bed so I could get up early (Ris I felt your pain for the cruise).  No such luck, I did go to bed after AR, read for a while, tried to sleep, finished my book, tossed and turned until 3:30.  Gordon was great and got up at 7:00 so he could keep pestering me until I crawled out of bed at 7:55.  I was professionally dressed (I like the sound of that) and out the door by 8:10.  I was at the interview place by 9:15, since my appointment was not until 9:30 I parked in a MCD to change my shoes and take my key off the ring and put in my portfolio so I did not need to bring my purse in with me.   I called the guy from CAE Tech and let him know I was 5 minutes out as he had asked me to do and he told me he was in the lobby and would meet me there.

In the lobby were two guys talking, neither said anything to me, so I looked around and said "Stan?", the younger of the two (I think he was 12, maybe 12 1/2) said that's me and handed me a CAE Tech company folder while he continued talking to the other guy.  I glanced through the folder quickly - Company profile and benefits.  Catching enough of their conversation to know they were talking about traffic for the Buick Open in Flint this week, I chose to interrupt and ask "Just what is this?"  He said "Company profile and benefits" such a bright guy.  I then started those clarifying questions that came in so handy yesterday when dealing with this company.  "Does this mean that if I get the job, I am actually working for CAE Tech and CAE Tech is (I think that should be are but I hate the way it sounds) subcontracting out my services?"  His reply - something like that you'd actually be working here but we would be the one paying you.  Yes something like subcontracting.  I asked him if I needed to check in at the front desk or if he had already taken care of that - they should do something to make a profit off of me.  The other guy spoke up (apparently he was the 9:00 interview) and told me to check in and then call the guy - did I want his number.  I assumed I had the same information he did - although I felt like he had received the correct job description the first time - which included a name and number of the interviewer.  I told him I was fine and went to check in.  The receptionist called him and told him I was there.  Maybe she like me better than the 9:00? 

Uwe Baxter came to the lobby and greeted me, Uwe is a small guy.  He led me to the interview room, up two flights of stairs and then a marathon run through a maze of cubicles, talking and expecting replies all the way.  I did not make a great impression of a normal breathing adult by the time we got to the room.  I caught my breath quickly though and we started talking - fast.  Apparently this was a 1/2 hour interview and Uwe had them scheduled all morning one after the next.  Again this would have been helpful information to have prior.  I gave him a copy of my presentation and he proceeded to tell me a little about the job.  The title is Value Stream Coordinator - something never mentioned in the Job Description page I received.  His department is responsible for Aftermarket and Service parts, the position he is looking to fill is someone to coordinate all of the different pieces of the department, to make sure things get done, and to put together information in a way that is meaningful and clear.  He talked about scheduling meetings, taking minutes, and following up on Action Items.  But you know "diplomatically".  (No way the period goes in the quotes!) So I said, "just following up that action item is due in a couple of days and I wanted to see how you were coming along and to find out if there is anything I can do to help" - he said "yes", and on we went.  He showed me a book of information that started with about 4 pages of graphs and then follow up information.  Mark would have been drooling all over the table, and so I mentioned that.  "My old boss would be drooling right now, he loved books that started with just the information he needed to see, in a way that he could know what was going on without having to read all the associated back up, that was my job" - he said "Exactly".  This was going good.  As he talked he reviewed my presentation and made several notes as we went along.  The job sounded like something I could do with my eyes closed.  The only maybe part was reading technical drawings.  He explained that the job would require going to the actual plant and working with the people there on the technical drawings, and knowing what the parts were.  I told him that right now I could identify the parts as "the spoon looking thing, the funnel looking thingy, the really long thing", but that I pick up on things quickly and have no problem asking for help with something.  I explained that I would rather ask questions to clarify something than waste my time and effort doing something incorrectly.  And that I would rather ask for help with something then struggle for hours trying to do it myself.  He seemed to like that and wrote something down.  He asked if I had any questions, and not being able to ask the usual benefits and compensation questions, I asked a few about just what was considered aftermarket (additions to vehicles after they have been manufactured - things that make a NASCAR car go really fast, and parts made but not actually put on a car that go to dealers for servicing), I asked about the size of the department (a matrix department with a few people dedicated to the department and a lot of others that work in different departments but report to the Aftermarket) I had no more questions and he seemed fine so we started back down.  He stopped to pick something up, and I said "Good give me a head start you walk faster than me"  he laughed and said that was because he was always in a hurry. 

All in all I think it went well, they will be calling for follow up interviews late next week.  I am not wild about working for CAE Tech and depending on their competence for a paycheck, but will cross that bridge when I get there, and hopefully I will get there.

Oh yeah, when I came down the 12 year old was talking to the 10:00 and asked me if I had any questions, I asked him what the salary range was and he said, "Oh, I didn't bring that with me, I can send you an email when I get back to the office."  Am I the only one that asks that question?  Is that a questions one should not ask?

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Now I know they are crazy

Okay, so after going over powerpoint with Erika I send it on to CAE for them to review, I am a little apprehensive about doing this as I do not want it replicated for the other interviewees tomorrow.  I get a call right away from Vic - who did I mention speaks English as a second (or maybe third) language - telling me that I am representing CAE Tech and that their information not mine should be on the front page.  That is the gist, what he did was talk for over five minutes about how if I wanted to use my own background that is okay he guesses but I needed to look at the sample they sent to me and use their information.  After several clarifying questions from me I was able to determine (I think) what he wanted.  I will also be giving them a resume with my information on it so I am okay with putting CAE on the cover page, and even added their logo.

Then he goes on how the Job Description stuff is nice but it's three slides and I need more information on my project management stuff.  Then he goes on, and on, about project management stuff.  I clearly do not understand what he is talking about since I took the job description information from the document that they sent to me.    He says - yeah that's what it is with Delphi the additional information is the job description.  So I ask "On the document you sent to me it has Job Description, is that not the description for the job I am interviewing for?"  Here I paraphrase what I think Vic was saying - The job description that I so eloquently responded to is for a job classification and the additional information is for the actual job I am interviewing for.  So I have them send me the additional information which is the actual job description, most of it is the same as the other but does include project management stuff.  So I am now redoing (adding to) the presentation to include project management/tracking abilities.

They had better hire me.

This is getting weird

As anyone who reads this knows I have a job interview tomorrow at 9:30 am with Delphi in Saginaw.  The position is Facilities Coordinator.  I am going through a recruiter called CAE Tech located in Farmington Hills.  I had originally applied back in the beginning of June, not knowing at that time that it was Delphi just CAE Tech, which I thought was the hiring company.  Last week I started getting phone calls and emails from CAE Tech asking if I was still interested in the position.  I replied to each and every one of them, thinking this company has no clue what it is doing I have 10 different people contacting me about the same thing, they really need me!  So then I get an email stating that I have an interview with Delphi in Saginaw with a map to the interview location and a word document of the job description, this is when I catch on that I am dealing with a recruiter.

This morning I receive a phone call from Julie at CAE Tech verifying that I know about the interview and that I am planning to go.  After I affirmed this, she told me the president of the company would like to speak to me today before I go, and would be calling me this afternoon if possible.  I told her I was fine with that.  A few minutes ago I got a call from Stan at CAE Tech to verify that I have powerpoint so that he could put together a presentation of my skills for me to take with me to the interview.  I told him I did have powerpoint, and then he told me Vic wanted to talk to me.  Vic got on the line and explained that he would like me to put together a presentation based on the job description and how I would be the best person to fill it.  I asked him if the intention was for me to present this or to print it out.  He said to print it out and leave them with something that spoke to my abilities.  something that they would have to look back at when considering who to hire.  All in all it sounded like a great idea, and I was working the presentation in my idea while he was going on.  He then asked if I could come into their Farmington Hills office today so they could print it out and bind it for me.  I told him no, that I would need time to create it (It was 1:00 in the afternoon already) and then it would be a 2 1/2 hour drive in.   I explained that I could print it here and pick up some presentation binders at Wal-Mart.  He then told me that they would probably have someone meet me in Saginaw as they have 4 people interviewing for the position tomorrow and will need to give them printed copies of theirs.  So much for standing out in a crowd.    But I have to get working on the presentation.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh yeah, I'm assuming that Vic is the president I needed to speak to, if not they'll be interrupting again for a phone call.  They do need me, this should have been done last week!

Monday, July 26, 2004

Nothing New Here

Nothing is new or exciting here so I will just respond.  Mom the picture can be enlarged by clicking on it.  You may not have noticed but they were in the water, I was as close as I could get and stay dry.  Erika, Jane had stomach stapling I think, some type of weight reduction surgery.  She's lost about 200 pounds.  She had the surgery over a year ago, and had a real hard time afterward ended up hospitalized a couple of times.  But it all worked out I guess.

Melody you know almost everyone in the pictures, the one little girl with Beeny opening her presents is Riley her friend from school.  Riley is a lot like Sabrina - at one point Heather had left to fill the water balloons so Sabrina took the opportunity to go through the gift bags that she had been told to leave alone, when I told her to stop Riley responded "It's okay I told her she could."  (I hate the period inside the quotation marks.)  Melissa (AKA Neighbor Lady) is our next door neighbor, mother of Alex and Emma that the kids play with all the time.  Up until the party when Robin said "I don't think I caught your name" she has been referred to as neighbor lady since no one knew her name.   You may not have met Alex and Emma since you left in the winter, but the kids play outside with them constantly.  The only other kid there was Xachary (pronounced Zachary), Jacque's (pronounced Jackie's) little brother.  There are some other kids in the duck race but they are just strangers from the park since we had extra ducks.

There was a family reunion next to us at the park about 50 people or so.  For about an hour every 15 monutes or so they would all line up in this gazebo type thing for a family shot.  They must have did this 4 or 5 times.  So jokingly when I walked past to go to the duck drop I asked a guy if they would all get together for me so I could take a picture.  He disgustingly replied, "Who are you?"  I explained that I was no one but that they all looked so good together.  He laughed and said, "Yeah, everytime we got done someone else showed up and said 'Oh, I want a picture of everyone' I thought maybe you were just a relative I didn't know and if you're this late one I don't like."

Things are pretty boring here, everyone interesting went to California.  Job interview is on Wednesday.  I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Sabrina's Birthday Party

Today was Sabrina's 7th birthday.  We celebrated up at Iron's park with way too much food, and an equal amount of fun.  The pictures below are from the Duck Race, Heather and Sandy took ten kids up of the bridge over the creek to drop numbered ducks off for a race down the creek where Melissa (AKA Neighbor lady), Robin, and Jane (those who know her note her absolutely fabulous weight loss) caught them to see who the winner was.  The kids loved it, they also had elimination catch with water balloons, and party bags filled with lots of toys and candy.  You can see all of the pictures from the party here.  Hopefully the link works, I followed Erika's directions.

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Erika's Vent

OK, here is my vent. About a month ago my boss Alfred was told by Vice President Big Shot (BS for short) that she would be coming in on July 22nd to review the life sciences at IUSB. Of course, no one really knows what this means so we wait to hear more from BS. Nothing more comes. I finally call her and ask if she has a schedule set up or if I should schedule a meeting with her and the IRB.  She informs me that she and about 6 or 7 others will be flying in on the IU jet on July 23rd.  We already have a meeting scheduled that day at 2pm and she says that should work fine. Then we hear nothing more for a few weeks when she calls me:

BS: What is my schedule like on the 23rd.
Me: I have no idea, except that you said you planned to meet with the IRB at 2pm.
BS: OK, what time do we get in?
Me: I have no idea; I did not make the arrangements.
Me: Is there anyone I should call?
BS: No, that’s OK.
Me: Is there anything that I should have ready?
BS: No, that’s OK.

Yesterday, the whole bunch of them land at my door at 8:30am and she says “is there someplace we can all meet?” Well, there would have been if you had told me you needed such a thing. “Oh, and we need to get a parking pass.” I could have had that ready if you had just told me. “Oh, and can you call the following people and set up meetings with them for today.” They had not told anyone else they were coming and now they just expected them all to be available.

So, anyway, they take all of my files down to the Board Room that I managed to secure for the day and start going through them. At about noon they send someone to get me to discuss some “major” issues with my files. OK.

BS: We have some major problems with your files.
Me: OK
BS: You have to stop printing emails out onto scrap papers (the other side was already used).
Me: OK
BS: You have to stop copying things double-sided.
Me: OK
BS: And you have to stop using file folders that have been used before.
Me: OK
Me wanted to say: Should I just go start chopping down trees now?
BS: This is very important.
Me: OK

It was all such simple, stupid stuff that they easily could have told me when they reviewed my files last October, but then they would not have had anything to complain about on this trip to ride my ass.  Also, when the files were put back in my office they were a mess. They were backwards and upside down and no longer in alphabetical order. Aaaargh!!

Friday, July 23, 2004

Provisional Credit

The bank had told me that they would let me know by Friday if they were going to give me provisional credit on my account to cover the fraudulent purchases.  If they don't give me provisional credit then it is my responsibility to make good any overdrafts until they have resolved the issue.  Without provisional credit or my making good the account I would continue to be charged $5 per day that my account is in arrears.  So yesterday my account stood at -1,302.78, when I checked today it is at -1,232.78 - which apparently means they have given me $70 in provisional credit to cover the $945 in fraudulent charges and $500 bank fees applied to my account.  I guess that means I only need to come up with twelve hundred dollars, I'll check my sock drawer.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Pictures Pictures

Okay, I don't know why some people get the red x and some get Megan on a roller coaster.  But I have downloaded Hello, which is a picture program that runs with Blogspot.  It is fairly easy to use, and I'll keep playing to see just what I can do with it.  However, I do not have any new cute pictures to put up.  Everything I have is on CD or Yahoo so you should have seen them all.  The kids will be here in  a few minutes so I'll try and get poses.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

What a difference a day makes

Okay so yesterday my bank account balance was -517.22 today it is -1,302.78, $500 of which is bank overdrafts fees.  $25 for each use, 20 uses, so far there are a total of 25 fraudulent uses.

I went to the State Police to make the report.  The woman I talked to has never used an ATM, a credit card, does not have cable tv, own a VCR, she just got a microwave a few months ago when someone gave her their old one.  And yet, she totally understood everything I told her and was able to write it intelligently into her report.  God, I wish she worked for the bank!

I then went to the bank with a printout from the internet showing the latest charges, since the last time they had a hard time finding what was out there.  And filled out the paperwork for the additional 8 purchases.  Still mostly at gas stations however there were also a couple of liquor stores this time also.  I guess they felt the need to celebrate.

I then went to National City and reactivated an account I had there so I could deposit my unemployment check and pay my bills.  The account was at a negative balance prior to my deposit (only $6), so they were not able to issue me a new ATM card (actually request the issuance of a new ATM card), but the woman stated that she could do this tomorrow once my deposit had cleared.  She did set me up for on-line banking (no charge - there's a $4 monthly fee at my OLD bank) but it won't take effect for 7-10 days.  Since I have no checks for this account, I then proceeded to call the folks that I owe money too right now and ask for an extension.  Most were cooperative, and the rest screw em.

On the good side, I have an interview with Delphi in Saginaw on Wednesday at 9:30 am.  The position is Coordinator General.  The job description reads as Administrative Assistant so I should do awesome.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Can I post a picture?

I can't believe this works.  Now I have to get better pictures.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Up, Up and Away

Megan is on a plane.  At you can actually put in the flight number 874 and virtually see her plane.  Wasn't easy getting her on the plane, I can be so dense sometimes.  As we were checking her in I asked if when I picked her up I would be allowed at the gate, and they said no, you can pick her up right at security - where you drop her off today.  I said no I am taking her to the gate.  They said no, only ticketed passengers or those accompanying unaccompanied minors.  I said that I would be accompanying said unaccompanied minor.  They said she was not an unaccompanied minor.  I explained that as she was flying with out a companion, and was a minor that I would expect her to be an unaccompanied minor.  They said that minor were 12 and under.  I said she is 12, as if this explained my point.  They stared at me like "Duh" as if this explained their point.  We stared for a while, and finally I said, okay explain to me again why I can't have a gate pass.  They said that starting TODAY, they only issued gate passes to unaccompanied minors.  I said she is an unaccompanied minor.  They said no, if she was an unaccompanied minor I would have to pay an additional $40 for me to get a gate pass.  That YESTERDAY they could have issued me a gate pass, but not today.  I said that makes no sense.  And they decided to bring in a manager.  Now keep in mind that at no time did I use a word that would have had to be bleeped on Airlines or did I say anything loud enough to rally the crowd around me.  They came back alone and said that the manager said to make and exception for me as a courtesy.  I told them that I appreciated it, although I still did not understand it.
And then, today being my lucky day, I was selected as a special security passenger and received extra special attention.  Which made it difficult for Megan, and she did not and had to stand away from me, and in the middle of traffic.  But we made it. 
We made it to the gate (not the farthest one) and awaited.  When they called for first boarding for handicapped, those traveling with small children, and unaccompanied minors, THEY were standing right there and signalled the person taking boarding passes.  Megan was not allowed on at that point and had to wait for general boarding.  She made it on and the plane took off, the last time I checked it was just clearing Illinois and is scheduled to be in LA a half hour early.
On another note, I called the Michigan State Police and they said to file a report in West Branch.  Seems, nobody wants to do it.  I will go back to West Branch and start over. 

What does zero liability mean to you?

All right I guess since everyone is doing it now.
So...Thursday night I went downstate for a meeting on the east side of Detroit.  After the meeting I stopped and got gas, while I was pumping the gas I decided to use the restroom before I got on the road so that I wouldn't have to stop again on the way.  Back in the car I pulled away with a feeling that I had forgot something, then I remembered that I didn't get a receipt, I knew it was around $14.75, so I just decided to put it into my spreadsheet as $15.00 and I could get the right amount when I checked on line.  Drove happily home with no obstacles.  Friday I went to get cigarettes, as I went for my Check Card it was not there, my old one was there but not the new one they had just sent me and I had used the night before.  I figured I had just put it in the wrong place and that it was stuck in my calendar.  So I used the old one and went home and looked, and looked, and looked.  It was not there.  So I called my bank which of course was closed at 9:00 on a Friday night, but I thought maybe they would have a recording giving me more information.  No such luck, the local number for the branch just rang and rang.  I had received my statement that day, so I pulled it out and looked for a customer service number, nothing not a single number on the entire statement.  Included with the statement was an pamphlet on the Visa Check Card that they had sent to me, explaining my new daily limits.  The bottom paragraph said, as always your Visa Check Card comes with Visa's Zero Liability Policy, that made me feel somewhat better, however there was not a phone number on the pamphlet either. 
So I went on line to see if there had been any charges on my account.  They did not have any unknown charges, however they did not have the gas that I knew I had purchased the night before either.  Searching the web for a customer service number resulting in nothing, there was a place to send an email, so I began to do that.  When the email page opened on the bottom said if you have problems with this program please call 800-XXX-XXXX.  I thought lets try it.  Sure enough I heard "Welcome to Independant Banks's automated teller service....." I was then directed to their wonderful new website where I could do all of my banking needs.  I could push one for automated banking, two for loan services, or at any time zero to speack to a customer representative.
Let's try Zero, were sorry our office are now closed if you would like to speak to someone please call back Monday-Friday 7am to 5pm.  Call's done.  So I go back to email.  I send an email, asking how to cancel a Check card, since they have no customer service.  Refreshing the screen every five minutes waiting for a reply, and to see if the charge I was expecting to showed up, drove me crazy.  I left the room and came back every half hour, nothing.
Saturday morning when I got up I checked, my account balance was now -184.00, the charge I was expecting for the gas on Thursday was there, along with about 6 other charges ranging between 20 and 50 d0llars each.  The cigarettes that I had purchased using my old card was not on there, so I knew they hadn't gotten to Friday's purchases yet.  I didn't have any detail as to what or where the purchases were only the amount and that they were pending.  No response to my email, I knew I couldn't sit around and worry about it all day, so I worried every minute, but not the whole minute.  No change until Sunday when my account was -517.22.  I couldn't believe it, why would they let the account be overdrawn by that much?!
Monday promptly at 6:50 I call the number, "We're sorry our office are now closed...", 6:55 ditto, 7:00 ditto, 7:02 dittor, 7:05 ditto, 7:06 ditto, 7:07 "Good morning this is Lisa how can I help you?"  I explained that I had lost my check card and would like to report it being used fraudulently and have the card cancelled.  Her reply, "If I hot card it you will have to pay 12 dollars to get a new one."  I explained that my account was currently $517 in arrears and that I wasn't going to worry about the $12.  After going back and forth she agreed to 'hot card' my card, I said, "So now it can't be used".  She said, "Well, it shouldn't be able to be used."  How comforting.  I asked her what I needed to do to dispute the charges that were on my card, and she said that I would have to talk to my branch about that and they don't open until 9:00.  I asked her why they didn't have a number that I could have used over the weekend, and she said, "You have to call the 800 number"  when I explained that I had but that there was not an option to report a lost or stolen check card she gave me the tree that one needs to use.  "Take option 1 for automated teller service, and then option 4 for financial services, and then option 2 for additional services, and then option 6 for reporting lost or stolen check cards"  If it was a snake it could have wrapped me up and squeezed the life out of me.  She then advised me to close my current account and open a new account, so that everything could be straightened out.
Promptly at nine o'clock I was at my branch, waiting for the doors to be unlocked.  I explained my situation, and the teller printed out a statement for me.  The statement ended with the last approved purchase, gas last weekend.  I said, on line there are about 20 additional purchases that are pending.  "Oh, you want to look at those" - yes, she brings out about four sheets of print screens, each purchase has about 5 lines.  "Which of these are yours?"  I look at the sheets, my cigarette purchase on Friday is there but the gas from Thursday is not.  "Well, this is all there is" "why is there more on line when I look at my account?"  "let me check".  She returns with 2 more pages of print screens.  After going through this one is mine and this one is mine - why aren't the purchases in between yours?  I used my old card.  Why do you have two cards?  Because you sent them to me.    We tally it up and there are 17 unauthorized purchases for approximately $770.00.  A form needs to be filled out for each purchase, I go over to an unused desk and fill out the forms. 
Once my hand has totally cramped up I bring her the forms, and she says "Okay I'll take it from here" scarier words have never been spoken.  (Okay, they have).  I ask what my next step is? will the charges be creditted back?  what do I do on Wednesday when I get my check?  If I deposit it will it be applied to the unauthorized charges or will I be able to pay my bills?  "Ma'am your account is in arrears, any money deposited will be applied to the arrearage and that paid off before you will have any available funds"  How about opening a new account, "Ma'am we cannot open a new account for you while you have an account in arrears!"  Thank God you're not the only bank in town!  Then I was told that they may opt to give me a provisional credit to cover the arrearage (and overdraft charges that will be posting for each purchase over my available balance -now I know why they let it go over so much), if they don't I will need to cover the amount or an additional daily charge will be assessed for each day my account was in arrears.  I asked when I would know if they had given me the credit, and she said "you'll just have to keep calling and asking"  - oooh my favorite thing - I asked her if the credit would appear on my account on the website, "Well, I guess you could check there if you didn't want to call" -choices, choices.  Not wanting to actually slap her, I went home.  Soon my phone rang and it was her, she told me that they would have a decision on my provisional credit by Friday, and that I needed to file a police report for a stolen credit card.  I asked her if the police report should be in West Branch, Warren -where I lost it, or Downriver -where it was used.  She told me to go to the State Police in West Branch since they cover the whole state.  So I went to the State Police and they said "HUH?"
They told me to go to the Detroit branch (I was on my way down anyway), and that if I was given a hard time to come back to them and they would help me figure it out.  (Friendly, helpful, I was getting very confused).  So here I am.  I am going to take Megan to the airport in the morning and then visit the Taylor office of the Michigan State Police since that is where the Detroit branch is.  I will use a different bank account to deposit my check and pay bills out of since I don't have the luxury of waiting until Friday for them to tell me I'm screwed anyway.
I'll keep you posted - probably.