Friday, September 03, 2004

12 Step program for reality TV

One - came to believe that I was powerless over network programming and that my life has become unmanageable.

I think I am there. Our T.V Schedule said that the Lions were on last night from 7:00 to 10:00 followed by GWB until 11:00, News until 11:35, Letterman until 12:35, US Open Highlights until 1:05, and then Craig until 1:35. Then Big Brother would be on. When we turned it on at 10:30 GWB was on but he did not go off until 11:30 - now I don't know if the game ran late and if it did if they would postpone the prez or if he just ran long but this was putting BB even later. We watched the News, skipped Letterman and turned back for the US Open highlights on the off chance that they got smart and decided to put BB on earlier nope 1:05 US Open highlights for about 10 minuts, the other 20 minutes of the show someone sang, someone rapped and they talked about the players. Then Craig, now I have watched Craig occassionally (and heard that last Friday was his last day with the show) and it's an hour long show. He is only listed for a 1/2 hour so I assume since it was a rerun anyway they would just be abbreviating the show - nope. What was supposed to be on from 1:05 to 1:35 was now delayed due to program overrun starting at 1:35 and ending at 2:35, if I had planned to tape BB I would have been so upset. Megan (who doesn't have school today for the long Labor Day weekend) fell asleep on the floor way before BB was even supposed to start so we recorded it for her. Our system goes into update mode automatically at 3:00 just as Drew said I vote for, Gordon was able to cancel it quick enough to hear Adria. I feel so bad for Will, but thankfully it is a double eviction week and he will be getting someone new on Saturday. Then for BB to have you pay to see the nomination ceremony that took place "sometime later tonight" - which I'm sure was before we saw the show at 11:30 CA time. I so can't believe I care - Mommy you are going to tape on Saturday if we are not able to watch live right?

Job interview Tuesday 11:00 in Farmington Hills EZView 360, position is Project Coordinator.


paulette said...

I think the Lions game ended on time. It was W who went over. Since Raymond was postponed it gave me a chance to watch the BB tape. I don't understand Drew. They show so much footage of him being wishy-washy and then he always comes through in the vote. I am very interested in who he will nominate but not enough to pay money. That stinks. I couldn't believe he called Diane a b..(I don't want to block anybody's sensebility walls).

Glad about the new interview. This will be the one.

Adrienne said...

If Drew has any guts he will put up Nakomily and Diane. However if Diane has his guts in her hand then he will probably out up Marvin and Cowboy.

I was so happy when he was breaking up with Diane, until he said he was just joking!

ez said...

When in doubt blame it on Bush. Or teething.

Good luck on Tuesday.

Adrienne said...

Tuesday has come and gone, how was the interview?