Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Another Day is Just Another Day

Okay so it’s been three weeks and there is nothing new to relate to anyone. I have no cute baby (well Josh will be here in a couple of hours but I see him so rarely he hardly counts), I’m not running for office, and I have no boyfriend problems. That pretty much sums up my life. I never heard back on the job interviews I went on a few weeks ago, even after being told that they would call one way or another, and leaving follow up voice mails. Oh well.

Watching American Idol I am amazed at all the orphans that are trying out. These poor people who have lived in a total vacuum never coming in contact with another human being that could have said, “your singing is offensive” they had to go on national TV to find out. I’m still not sure how the auditions work, they say that 15,000 people tried out in Cleveland they all could not have gone before the panel of judges since even at a minute each that would have taken over 10 solid days and they were only there for two. So these people had to have been screened by someone before going on to Simon, Randy, and Paula. Had I been turned away prior to getting to the main judges and then seen some of the people that got through I would have been pissed, and I know that my singing is offensive.

I don’t really like anyone left in Race, I don’t dislike Kris and John so I guess that’s who I’ll root for next week. Adam and Rebecca are fun to watch; at least they don’t claim to be in love. Hayden and Kendra are both so snotty and derogatory about the places they’ve been too. I loved it that the locals were all laughing at the contestants this week.

I could watch the commercial for the van (although it has not had the effect on me that I remember which van it is for) where they are doing the crash test and the little boys are in the booth saying, “Do another one” all day. It so reminds me of Bryan rewinding a 3rd Watch tape to watch the car crash over and over.

Other than TV shows changing nothing much else is going on here. Megan is plugging away at school, Gordon is working, and I am, well I am.


Adrienne said...

Idol was doing the Cleveland try outs when Adam was playing ball there last year. He and another kid wanted to go try out for the fun of it, but because of a curfew they couldn't stay out all night. I love that van commercial too.

ez said...

I like Kris and John. I was very disappointed when it was a non elimination round. I am sick of Adam and Rebecca.

I have never seen this commercial. Maybe it is only for the car capital of the world.

Adrienne said...

Oh the commercial is everywhere. I pointed it out to mom the other day. It is hilarious!