Friday, April 15, 2005

I Need To Learn How To Slow Down

I have them all caught up at the construction office where I am working so they gave me today off. The office manager (Pat) kept giving me new things that would take me a while to finish, there all done. But they want me back on Monday, so that's a good thing. There is so much there that I could do to get things organized and streamlined but Pat keeps a pretty tight control on everything as this is the way they have done it for years. As I've been typing up forms I've been cleaning them up so they are user friendly using tables and form fill in instead of tabs, but I am getting no where with the general organization. I like to touch any piece of paper as few times as possible, everyday we go through the same stacks of papers with me saying "where does it go, can I just put it there?" and Pat saying "we'll take care of it later" so there it is again tomorrow, and the next day... Oh well.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSabrina went to see her dad last weekend and had her picture taken. She is getting so big, and smart. She read to me while I was tiling the bedroom floor last Saturday. She is behind for her age, but still ahead of the other kids. The bedroom did not progress while I was gone, I was hoping to have a few more things finished when I got back, the nightstand stripped and painted, the closet shelves painted, the radiators put back up, but I guess we'll get to that later. I have some stuff to do today - oil change, bank, shopping, so I'm not expecting a lot of progress this weekend. I'll post at the end of the weekend and let you know where we are.


Gretchen said...

The temp company I am working for just called to make sure the job wasn't over, and I explained that I had them all caught up but that they wanted me back on Monday. She told me "I really shouldn't be saying this but maybe you need to slow down." Geez, the one thing I haven't mastered. How do you ask for help with something like that, "I notice you take a really long time to do simple things, can you show me how?"

paulette said...

That's the same problem all of you girls had with Rita Nolan. Whenever one of you helped her with her work, she didn't have anything to do. It pissed her off. But when you didn't help her she couldn't keep up. That pissed me off.

ez said...

The Amazon curse. I remember consciously trying to work slow and make a particular job (Fredrick's) last; but then I would forget and the whole thing would be done in an hour. And you are right Rita Nolan was pissed.

I love the idea of asking Rita (or her equivalent) Gretchen's question. Call her up.