Wednesday, August 03, 2005

When You're Hot, You're Hot

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMy email box was full of weather advisories this morning, apparently we have a heat advisories as it is expected to go over 100 today. This is the hottest summer I can remember. Good thing there is water all around. This picture is from Mom's pool and there are more up at yahoo. There are some movies: owie game, kids swim.

Not a whole lot more is going on, Megan leaves on Sunday for Mall of America so she is pretty darn excited. Sabrina's birthday party was on Sunday, contrary to all of the advice given she went ahead and turned 8. I forgot the camera for the party but it was a lot like the last one so just go look at those and imagine everyone young a little taller, and everyone old a little fatter.

Nothing going on on the job front, there hasn't even been anything good in the papers. Gordon is putting in lots of hours though, so that helps alot. He and Bob got the tree all cut up and out front of the house for pickup. I was a little nervous when it was not picked up last week, but apparently since there was so much it took the city a few days to get to everybody and they did pick it up yesterday.

When I was loading the movies the last one didn't load and I got this:
the following error occurred while uploading file - file not uploaded:
unexpected error occurred
such helpful information, I would assume that if it was expected it would not have been an error.

I've been playing poker on line, not for real money. I'm not bad, except when I suck. I entered a tournament yesterday there were 1586 players in the tournament and I finished 1584. My table must have played slow because I went out on the first hand. I had AK and flopped AK-, went all in and the person who called me got a flush on the river, oh well. I wasn't expecting a call on an all in on the first hand, I mean what dummy risks the tournament on the first hand! I so felt like Phil Helmuth, "you called me with that, what kind of idiot are you!" They are still having preliminary tournaments though and if I win I get to go play in Aruba on the WPT. I would say that I'm not giving up my day job, but I don't have one.


Anonymous said...

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ez said...

OMG we have gotten our first spam comment. (The website goes to a mortgage company). I have heard other people, on much more popular blogs talking about having to manage their spam comments and I always wondered why we didn't get them. I hope this does not start a new trend.

I can't believe you lost on such a great hand. I hate when that happens.

Thanks for the videos and pictures, they are great.

paulette said...

As in last time, I couldn't get the first movie (owie) but the second one came in fine. Not to worry, I got the owie off of erika's blog.
Next time, if you have more than one movie clip, I'll do the second one first just to see if it has anything to do with the order of appearance. It took 33 minutes to download the owie from your blog only to be told that it had an extension not supported by my software. The kidswim however seemed not to have that extension.