Sunday, December 04, 2005

Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures

Daddy called today and is working on a plan to get the Lions into the SuperBowl as players and not visitors in there home field. The plan includes the Avian Flu, a couple of plane crashes, and possible Al-Queda. Even with all of that I do believe the Lions would find a way to lose.

Work is extremely busy, but I like that. I am guessing that it will slow down some after the new year, after I have had a chance to fix all of the old stuff and only have to keep up with the everyday stuff.

Thanksgiving was tons of fun, even the driving in the snow. I can't imagine doing that with any other group of people without tempers rising and fingers pointing, and everyone being completely miserable. The casino's were the icing on a very fine cake. Yes, we enjoy our casinos, but we can have just as much fun just about anywhere.

Plans are progressing for Christmas, I have some vacation time that I have to take or I lose (like that is ever a viable option.) So I am taking off the last two days of the year, that Monday (the 26th) is our Christmas holiday so I can bring the family down to help with the physical moving of Mommy (and me) into the new house and then we can come back to West Branch Wednesday night so Gordon can go back to work.

I have no idea of what is going on with this band thing and Megan, talking to her gets no further information than what is in her blog, so I guess I will have to wait t0 hear from the dreaded band teacher.

What happened to the time/date stamp on the bottom of where we edit the posts, I used to be able to change that?


ez said...

Boy, I didn't even think about having different people in that car at Thanksgiving. It would have been ten times more stressful if I thought I did not have complete and total support from my passengers.

I am going to show your SuperBowl plan to a few people to see if they can help (I have friends in the Avian Flu business).

I miss the time stamp too, I haven't heard anything about where it went, but I don't read the Blogger blog.

Megan said...

What I'm telling you about the band is all I know Hawkins said he would send the parents a letter.

ez said...

Here is what Jonathan said when I showed him your first paragraph:

Well at least you can tell your family that I’m a Jets fan and this year has been mighty tough for me too. I mean they are on either their 16th or 17th quarterback this year. People are nervous that the Jets might randomly start to kidnap males between the ages of 15-55 to play for them.