Friday, June 02, 2006

What's In A Reputation?

As I type this my Pistons are losing big time, and will probably have lost the series with the Heat by the time I am done. Of course, my Pistons, is a very relative term, I don't really care about basketball and only watch during the playoffs and only if the Pistons are playing. But they are the home town team and like my kids I love 'em win or lose, good or bad. I've encountered a lot of smack at the office this week as the Pistons reputation of "Bad Boys" is not as beloved as it was in the nineties. "They think they are so good" "They lose a game and still act as if it doesn't matter" that's the reputation they have. But then again that is who they are they are so good and since 2003 they have had 14 (including tonight) win or go home playoff games, they've won 11 of them so far (after tonight the number will probably still be 11 - they are down by 17 with 5 minutes left in the game).

So this blog was not to be about the Pistons so here is the true reputation I wanted to talk about. The store where I buy my tobacco is also the outlet for hostess products in this area, so if they ever have any $1 boxes I usually pick up a few (those who know Gordon can come to their own conclusions about the term "few"). Today they did not have any but the girl behind the counter said "Aren't you the guys who buy the HoHos?" "yes" "we got some donuts this morning that didn't sell, I'm just going to throw them out, do you want them? There's over a dozen, but don't feel bad if you can't eat them all." Not eat them all? Maybe other people can never truly know someone based just on their reputation. Pistons are down by 18 with 3 minutes left, funny there are 3 donuts left also.


paulette said...

Some mothers have sons-in-law that are good for nothing. Gordon's talents are true and consistant and that's why we all love him.

ez said...

Hello, ho ho!