Saturday, November 11, 2006

Oh No You Didn't

Kathy had once posted about a friend of hers that had written a book, the title may have been, Is It Just Me. It was something about how many unpleasant encounters this person had with other people in consumer situations. I thought about this a lot as I too seem to have more than my share of unpleasant encounters, is it just me? I may be a little too involved to determine the answer but I don't think so. For example:

I was at Meijer's the other day, for once there was not a long line for the cashier and I was actually impressed. There was one person in front of me and she had already paid and was walking away when I began putting my purchases on the counter. (Chips, Pretzels, Hamburger, and 1 of 5 Sodas.) The cashier's phone rang just as she began ringing up my stuff, in the time it took to ring this up I learned that the previous customer had just had a baby, was not breastfeeding, did not have a social security card and could not apply for social services because of this, and that her and her husband were in the store frequently often attempting to scam the store with price label switching among other things. When the cashier got to the soda I told her I had 5, she rang up 6. I told her I had 5 total and that she needed to take one off, she sighed heavily as if this was a burden but took off the extra soda, without counting how many had rung through. I then swiped my credit card and said "it's credit", I waited a while and the cashier said "You need to put in your PIN", I said again "It's Credit". Again the heavy sigh and she said, "You're going to have to start all over" to which I replied, "Maybe if you weren't so busy on the phone I wouldn't have to start all over again." The cashier then says into the phone, (are you sitting down?) "I'm going to have to call you back I have a very rude customer." Oh No You Didn't. At this point the rant began, "Rude customer!, I'm rude!.........I would like to speak with your manager." The manager came and I explained what had happened, the manager expressed her apologies and thanked me for letting them know. And although I know that going to a manager really did not change anything, it let me vent a little (not that I didn't call Gordon as soon as I got in the car, and repeat the story to mom when I got home, and then tell everyone at work the next day.) Anyway, try as I might I can't find any personal culpability in this.

In other news, at a very pleasant shopping experience at Bed, Bath and Beyond I came upon a Twinkie cookbook (although I was there for a clothes hamper I could spend a day in the kitchen department just looking.) The book was interesting until I got to the meat section, Pigs in a Twinkie: sausage, twinkies and syrup. OK, pancakes are sweet, people put whipped cream on belgian waffles. But when I turned the page to the turkey sandwich I had to slam the book closed.

Last but not least we had an incredible thunder snow last night. Thunder, big lightening, all while it was snowing. The effect was awesome to watch. The snow on the ground this morning, not so much, especially for those of us on crutches.


KathrynVH said...

The name of the book is "Oh God, It's Me". I don't believe it either, but we have a secretary at the office--when she was my secretary she couldn't do anything right--it was horrible--I don't know how she got out of bed in the morning. When she was no longer my secretary she quickly became the best secretary in the place and is one of the most valuable employees we have. She does a great job for the other attorneys--it has to be me. But I am wonderful, so how is that possible?

Sean M. said...

Speaking as the grocery store expert of the group (as I have worked at one in various positions for over three years), I can sympathize with your experience. For one, taking an item off an order is not difficult at all. It's a routine procedure, and it should be no problem. Two, cashiers should not be involved in other things when dealing with customers; the customer is their only priority when they are around. Three, you don't mouth off at a customer, no matter what! The only time I was told we could say anything like that to a customer was if they cursed at us, and you certainly didn't do that. A rude customer is one that tries to take advantage of the store, insults you or your family, or insults your job or the way you do your job. Believe me, I have had all three of those kinds of customers! But requesting to fix a problem THEY made does not make you a rude customer. If that had happened at my store, you'd better believe that someone would be getting in trouble. My managers are not as leniant as the ones you described. More power to you!