Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Keep Putting One Foot In Front Of The Other

Just keep going, one day at a time, and way too soon it's been a year.

But it's been everyday. Everyday I would come home and Mom would not be here. Everyday something would happen that I would think about how I couldn't wait to tell Mom, and then she wouldn't be here.

I couldn't keep coming home to Mom's house, so I transformed it. I made it mine but still I pull up everyday and it hits again, she's not going to be here. She's not at the casino, she's not at the club house playing dominoes, she's not in Vegas, or LA, or Indiana and yet she's not here either.

My neck and foot have been aching for the past month, just like they do leading up to May 6th and August 9th. Psychomatic, I'm sure, but there all the same.

Yesterday and today were tough, I kept busy, very busy. I kept tissue at my desk for when I cried, but I kept busy. I got 3,000 payroll checks out the door and all of the files sent to the bank. I have everything done that could be done. I'm taking tomorrow off, I have 8 hours vacation left that if I don't take, I lose. I didn't think I could get everything done today, but I kept busy, very busy. And then I couldn't wait to tell Mom.


Adrienne said...

You just did

ez said...

Of course she is keeping up with the blogs, what else has she got to do.