Sunday, January 25, 2009

As I Was Saying

Although I have very impressed by the lack of pressure from car sales people (mostly), I am also a little surprised that the pricing doesn't appear to be aggressive either.

So after the library on Saturday I went to our local dealerships. The Chevy/Chrysler... dealer focused on the Malibu and didn't really offer any choices for the Chrysler line. The Malibu pricing was right in line with the pricing I got down state, with the exception of the loyalty incentive for owning a Saturn, per the dealer in West Branch since I no longer owned the Saturn I did not qualify. We were in and out pretty quickly.

The Ford dealer took a bit longer. The salesman was pretty obsessed with determining what colors I was looking for and finding an invoice for the right color car. I can only determine the reasoning for this was because they did not offer the options I was looking for (remote start, heated cloth seats) he needed to obsess about something. The pricing was considerably better, but I qualify for X plan through Rita so that helped. However, they don't have the options available, even though the reason I like those two things is because I have gotten used to them driving the Ford Focus. Apparently, the remote start was added aftermarket, and I do remember that when Adrienne was here we had a problem with it and had to take it to an outside shop to have fixed as it was not covered under Mom's warranty. Which is part of the reason I want Factory Installed.

So I'm really looking at either the Saturn Aura or the Chevy Malibu. Tomorrow I am going to call my insurance to see what the difference is in insuring the two cars and schedule a test drive and trade in evaluation. BTW I did the Costco auto thingy and they sent my name to a dealership in Royal Oak that will be giving me a call.

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