Thursday, October 28, 2004

Time to Think Green

Those of you who know me, and I'm not sure anyone reading this does, know that I would never root for the Green Bay Packers. Especially not against the Washington Redskins. But folks I beg you turn your think red off and begin to think green. For, in election years when the Washington Redskins play at home on the Sunday before the election a Redskin win also meant an incumbent win for the party in the White House. Superstition, undoubtedly so. But a chance I would not like to take in an election this close, with the solicitation of more and more dumb voters. Fortunately most of the people I know, who spout how Kerry will raise taxes and put Suddam back in charge are good at pretending they know everything based on the few commercials shown on Nick at Night, don't even know if they are registered to vote much less where to go or how to do it. I am planning on driving down to Mom's to vote on Tuesday depending on the work situation.

Work - I have no idea what happened with the Kelly job, the only thing that I can figure is that I was too smart. I did spend a lot of time fooling around on line, because I got the feeling they were tired of me standing in the door of their office saying "OK what's next". But Kelly had originally told me that it was a long term to permanent position, and when I first talked with my supervisor there she told me they were looking for someone permanent. Kelly will tell me nothing other than the assignment has ended. Oh well, live and learn. I regret giving up the other position, but I did what I could with the information I had at the time. I have scheduled three interviews tomorrow with temp agencies in Saginaw, Snelling (which is not affiliated with the Snelling downstate who will not work with me now), Kelly (which is affiliated but is separate) and American Personnel Services which has a position listed on a job web site that I use. So we will see how those go.

In other news, my bank statement this month reflected that they had closed my account due to a long term negative balance. I received a letter today that they have finally resolved my disputed charges and agree with me that the charges were fraudulent. I should now be able to go and clear out that account, although I have checks for that account and not for the other. Decisions, decisions, if I postpone them long enough they tend to work themselves out.

Megan had a band concert last night and it went very well. Each grade (6, 7, 8) played one song, and then the high school marching band played a few, and then the high school jazz band played. They were all good in their own way, (6th played the best darn twinkle twinkle little star I have ever heard.) The only real boring part was the teacher carrying on in between each session. Did you know that a study in 2000 showed that students exposed to music scored 98 points higher on their SATs? He told us (read it to us) over and over again, I guess he felt that his audience had never been exposed to music and as such were dummies. The gym was packed and he was ecstactic at the turn out of parents he'd had never seen so many come to one event. Having been exposed to music (I think Neil Diamond and Simon & Garfunkel count) as a child I was able to determine that this was the first time all of the towns band's played on the same night at the same place, bound to improve the gate. But I try really hard not to talk derisively about Megan's teachers.

That's all from the WB.


Anonymous said...

so is the band teacher still Mr. Hawkins...blah i hated him!

ez said...

I hope that anonymous person was Mel and not some random person up in the WB reading all about their IQ. I also hope Megan's teachers aren't registered to vote.

I flipped an undecided to our side yesterday. Her only reason for voting for Bush was that "he seems like a good christian" and Teresa Heinz Kerry scared her.I knew I wouldn't get anywhere with the war issue, but I also knew that one of her best friends is gay. So I reminded her about the proposed CONSTITUIONAL AMENDMENT and she so "Oh, yeah. That was really bad." If I can reminder her again Monday night and Tuesday morning we might keep her.

Go green!!

KathrynVH said...

I'm having a tough time flipping people--the people that I am able to carry on a conversation with are already dems and the others scare me to death and I'm afraid I'll slap them. Yesterday a client went on about how Kerry's wife scares her and I prayed she'd get away before I made it over the desk. She had just finished reading the article I had on my desk about the night of terror in 1917 about the torture inflicted on the women protesting for the vote and read the quote by a doctor refusing to commit one of the leaders to a mental institution stating that "Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity." and then my client goes on about Kerry's wife is liable to do something crazy if he's elected. It boggles my mind.

Go Packers--send that Washington crowd packing.

KathrynVH said...

What instrument does Megan play? Does she like music? Yes, Neil Diamond and Simon & Garfunkle count. P.S. did you ever get her council emblem for me to sew onto her vest for girl scouts?? Have dusty sewing machine dying to get out from underneath it's cover.

Gretchen said...

Megan plays percussion,which means at home she practices on a xylaphone, at band concerts she plays a real big drum with one stick that goes boom. Yes I have the emblem, let me correct that Megan has the emblem, I gave her the money and put her in charge. I told her to mail it to you, I will remind her.

paulette said...

Call me silly, but I'm not getting the connection. If you practice a xylophone long enough you will become expert at playing a drum....with one stick. Does she practice the xylophone with one stick or two?