Saturday, October 18, 2008

At least it hasn't been a year

I'm back, I won't claim to be here often, but I didn't want it to go a whole year.

So here's why I don't want to live in a conservative world. This is not a true story, although it could be.

14 year old girl, mom died because they couldn't afford health care, dad doesn't know how to talk about "girl" things. Without sex education in school, of course she believed Johnny when he said she couldn't get pregnant.

With no other option but carrying the pregnancy to term, she has a baby boy. Not a zygote, not an embryo, not a fetus, but a baby. A baby she didn't want but can't give up either. The government that insisted he be brought into life will now abandon him.

Junior lives off what little his mom can earn working two jobs. Without an education she has little to offer, even her time. Junior starts getting into trouble at a young age. School's in his neighborhood can't afford any after school activities, they barely manage books. Looking for someone's attention, anyone's, he soon has the attention of a local gang. For his eighteenth birthday he holds up a liquor store, things don't go as planned and a cop is killed.

Now Junior is on death row, the government fighting to take the life they insisted be brought to term.

Now I know there are a lot of holes in this scenario, and I don't claim to understand even half of what is involved with providing a government that works for the people, but it underscores why I am voiting for Obama. Not that I agree with everything by the way, I agree with the idea of the death penalty, I just don't think we have a judicial system that is capable of applying it fairly.


Adrienne said...

Very much worth the wait.

Marcel said...

Oh boy, your are back with a vengence. Now don't give up, stick with this. Your opinion is valid and important.