Friday, January 23, 2009

Car Shopping

Started my car shopping today, going to buy one next week.

Started at Saturn, although I had a lot of issues with my turn signals needing to be replaced I was pretty satisfied overall with my two Saturns. We were greeted at the door by Ashley and I explained that I wanted to buy a car. Mileage was very important to me, I wanted remote starter, and the basics automatic, airconditioning, radio.... She took me right to the Aura, the model we looked at was decked out with way more than I wanted but the size was right, the mileage was right 33/26. I told her I wasn't buying today but I wanted a good idea of pricing to make a decision for next week. (I have been putting this off because I did not want to deal with pressure sales, I don't do well with those. I had requested a quote on-line a while back and have got incessant emails but no quote. Emails I can delete.) But Ashley has no problem. She worked up a quote on two different in stock cars one with seat warmers and one without, no guarantees those cars will be available next week, but a good idea of what I was looking at. So with a quote, a brochure, a business card, and a feeling of this is kind of fun I head to the next stop. Honda.

Here we were again greeted at the door this time by Barry (I didn't actually get his name until I got his business card), who was actually on his way out to grab a smoke. He took his coat off while I explained what I was looking for. He told me that the Accord was a good fit and he was going to go get one for me to look at and took off into the back. Gordon and I looked at the car by the door which was an Accord and the mileage was 27/22, not quite what I was looking for. We walked around a little bit more, while I believe Barry was grabbing that smoke, and saw the Fit at 30/25. Much more in line with what I want, but a bit small. Barry came back and said, "oh you like the Fit? Let's go write that up." I explained that I was just looking to see what was available and would like pricing w/o pressure. No problem. We step into Barry's cube and he takes my name and email, asks for my home phone and I tell him I would rather just use email. He said "Okay, how about your cell?" Um, "no, about just email?" I was then told it was okay, I could just give him my cell, he wouldn't harrass me. I again declined and stated that I didn't think he really needed it. He replied that he didn't but I could just as easily give it to him. I said I was done, to which he replied, "come on, you're not going to just leave" WHAT!?! So we left, not another word, although two words were very close to coming out. Barry chased us down in the parking lot and handed me a brochure and a business card. Pretty sure that I was not going to buy a Honda we proceeded down the street to the Chevy dealer.

Gordon has always been a bit partial to Chevy's and has really been pushing the Malibu. Which I liked, a lot. We were back to a decent salesperson (Rick) who worked up a quote with and without remote starter. Remote starter comes only with a larger package of other cool but not necessary stuff. But cool, like bluetooth, and the prices out very close to the Aura. Of interesting note at Chevy I qualify for a loyalty rebate/discount because I bought a Saturn in the last ten years, Saturn is not offering this loyalty rebate/discount. So now with options, we headed off to our last dealer for the day.

The Chrysler/Jeep.... dealer was jumping. Huge dealership, lots of people, lots of cars. Unfortunately salespeople, not so much. After having the receptionist page twice, I was ready to give up when a salesperson (didn't get his name or card) comes over in between. I explain what I am looking for, he takes me to his cube says you want the Avenger or the Sebring. I ask what's the difference, he points at the back end of an Avenger and says the Sebring is like that only looks different. During this two minute conversation he has answered the phone and been typing on the computer. He tells me he has an '08 Sebring that he can give me a deal on, I explain that I am not purchasing till next week and he says that is fine writes the quote on a card, (damn just thought of that, I must have his name) says he can't give me the invoice and says to look up Sebring Touring on the web for the details. "Thanks for coming in." Wow.

We then went next door to Costco where I discovered they have a car club thingy, that I will check out on line this weekend and will also visit my local (Ford, Chrysler, Chevy, Pontiac)dealers here up north. Hopefully this time next week I will be in a new car.


Adrienne said...

I think you will enjoy the Malibu, are you checking hybrids? Don't forget Ford Fusion, brand new right now.

Gretchen said...

No, my driving needs to lend themselves to Hybrids. Probably the next one after I am done with this commute.

ez said...

You would think they would be falling all over themselves to keep you happy. I love the Honda guy "no pressure, but why don't you just give it to me." He did not know who he was messing with.

Marcel said...

Great story about walking out, that made my day. That constant pushing for your number was infurating me and I came close to talking to my computer.

Marcel said...

I noticed that you are only looking at new cars. Uncle Marcel never buys a new car, only used that have 18,000 miles or less on them. So this year I would be looking at used 2008 models. Check the car buying site and see how much you can save.

Also, if you are set on new, aren't you able to buy a Ford product through Rita's discount like your Mother did?