Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Day of Mourning

I must have slept through the announcement that today was a day of mourning and no new blogs could be posted!

I'm not sure who Milo2020 is but here is my reply:
Depends on your concept of God. Personally, I would have to believe that someone who considers this election proof that God hates America, or that God had any say it in at all would see this as a move towards God. To me this election clearly shows that the American people are ready to remove the separation of church from state and move towards a society closer to the Taliban. The proposal in 11 states that passed adding the definition of marriage to being between one man and one woman, is clearly a biblical declaration bent on stripping human rights from a section of the American population. The election of a man clearly against Roe V Wade, who created Faith-based initiatives (one of which the Helping Marriage initiative goes into homes of low-income, non-married with children couples counseling on the benefits of marriage and assisting the father - the mother needs to be home to take care of the children - in getting a job) shows that the American people see government and religion as serving the same purpose in their lives. And the willingness to demand the same religious beliefs of the general public as religious beliefs become law. It's starting to seem to me that the terrorist have already won, all of the freedoms that they hate us for will slowly slip away under a Bush administration and a republican run congress.

In other news, locally we were successful in ousting our local prosecutor. One huge ego which will have to find a new nest.

I have not seen any new commercials, with the 3 hours per day that have been freed up by political ads one would think they would find something interesting to fill it. But I guess it's like a baby getting potty trained, you feel like you should have all of that diaper money just lying around but even the first week it is sucked up without notice.

All in all a pretty blah day with no new posts to give a ray of sunshine.


Martin said...

The ray of sunshine is that the American people have decided that a man who knows himself, and recognizes the value of moral philosophy, is the leader of the free world.

Hang in there,

ez said...

Boy G, you are pulling them out of the woodwork. The thought that Bush could be a ray of sunshine to anyone but the ultra-rich and ultra-conservative is laughable; and since we are neither of the above why am I not laughing.

Adrienne said...

WHOA! First I saw "Martin said" and thought cool dad got a blogname. Then I read the riduculous comment and thought WOW dad got some good new drugs! What's that old song? The Freaks Come Out at Night!

KathrynVH said...

Gretchen, have you been talking to lampposts again. This is a reason to communicate by e-mail, but then again your comments were so right on, maybe that's the snowflake we need in this fight.

Adrienne said...

The diaper money is like the cigarette money! I quit smoking 11 years ago and don't have a dime to show for it!

Gretchen said...

Martin, whoever you are thank you very much for posting your initials. The Martin this blog knows is one of the most intelligent people in the world and we would have started looking for nursing homes if we had thought for very long that his mind had started to leave him.