Saturday, November 13, 2004


Okay anyone trying to get to the yahoo pictures try again and let me know if it works. Apparently they updated their system, just signing in seemed to work and I was able to access them after signing out but I may have had a cookie on my system.

All is fine here, I have all three boys today and Megan. Megan can be extremely helpful unless she's not. She gets along with Bryan a lot like Melody got along with her when they were the ages she and Bry are now. Of course Megan does not remember it that way, Melody was mean to her for no reason and Bryan is a brat that deserves for her to be mean to him. But she will be leaving soon for cookie booth, and then I will be on my own.


ez said...

Yay, the pictures work again. I love the selective memory of Megan.

paulette said...

Sometimes "on your own" is a very cool hand.

melody said...

i have been slow to looking at blogs since i have a lot of work to do. well i was not mean to megan for no reason. you just don't understand lol! no sometimes i was...megan was just a pain in my ass lol!