Monday, November 15, 2004

Watching Football

Watching football with Bryan used to be a struggle. He loves watching the game and spent the entire game saying “who’s winning?” “who do you want to win?” “is that the white team or the blue team?” “how many touchdowns do they have?” from the moment the game started until the final buzzer. At which point became “who’s playing the next game?” “who do you want to win?” “is that the blue team or the white team?” “how many touchdowns do they have?”

But he’s finally starting to get it. Watching with him on Saturday (MSU v WSU) was like watching with a whole new kid. When the game came on he said, “they’re tied – nobody’s winning and nobody’s losing.” We moved on to explaining first downs, that if they went past the yellow line they moved the line and got four more tries. He would watch real close and if the didn’t make it would count down the number of tries they had left. All the while watching the top of the screen to see if a flag was thrown. He was amazing, then the quarterback threw a pass out of bounds and he reminded me of Erika as he yelled “Foul Ball!”

We didn’t really root for MSU as we much as we rooted against WSU. A loss for WSU meant if U of M beats OSU this weekend they (U of M) go on to the Rose Bowl. MSU came through with a final score of 14-49, lots of touchdowns. (Pronounced sushdowns.) GO Blue!


ez said...

Very cool. I am glad that Bryan has reached my level of football understanding. I am sure he will far surpass me very quickly. It is one thing to understand sushdowns (even I can do that), but when he can master "If this one wins then this means this for someone else; who's not even there!" I will know I am licked.

paulette said...

I'm thinking that the last paragraph was Gretchen's mastery of the win/loss ramifications on the division standings not Bryan's. But still what is he, 5? That's pretty amazing. Aren't you lucky to be able to watch all these exciting developmental breakthroughs. Also, you are pretty well placed to have a steady stream of babies to watch.