Sunday, October 09, 2005

Another Embarrassment at Ford Field

Amazingly it wasn't the Lions who were embarrassed. It wasn't so much that the Lions won but the Ravens lost the game and their composure today. It was a great game to watch. Josh is quite a Lions fan and yells "Go Lions" (video attached the second part was a Lions Touchdown) with the best of us. (Us being me and Sean, the other people in the house took Baltimore to win - fools). The most amazing in all is that it is week 5 of the season and the Lions are in sole possession of first place in their division.

In other interesting news Patti (the office manager for the construction company I was working at until she hired someone with a little more knowledge than I) called me last week to offer me a job. Turns out she has been through 4 people (one of which was her daughter) since I left at the end of July. It was with great pleasure that I could tell her I had found a position that I am challenged at. Of course I first asked what they were offering and it was as I thought no medical benefits at all. I do miss wearing jeans and the drives around town but I really enjoy what I am doing now. The team I work with is improving as the two girls I least liked (one I could not stand, and one that was tolerable) are gone and I have moved to a much better desk position.

Since I have the boys here today we are celebrating Melody's birthday, it would be better if she was here too. But sometimes you just have to make do with what you have.


ez said...

Yes, we are going out to celebrate Mel's birthday too. Although, you guys will likely have cake and I am still keeping that a little secret from Jackson. In fact, Rebecca is talking about Sam's birthday (coming in just a few weeks) and saying "maybe we can sing happy birthday and then they can have popsicles. The boys are thrilled by popsicles, so I am all for it, but I told her she had to put two candles in something. Maybe mashed potatoes.

I am so glad you could tell that "whatever" woman to shove her job offer.

ez said...

That video was not there when I looked at this yesterday. It is great. Go Lions!

Melody Beth said...

so what did you guys do for my birthday?

Melody Beth said...

I think you should loose the Chinese Sex comment! I loved that video!