Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah

So let's catch up -

Job Interview in Tawas, rejection letter almost beat me home.

That's about all that is new, but I will probably go on for another 600 words or so.

I'm not sure of our plans for this weekend, Gordon has to work on Friday - oh yeah did I mention that while I spend hours each day reading newspapers, combing the internet, perfecting cover letters, updating resumes, dressing up for interviews, driving zillions of miles, and have only to show for it a dozen or so rejection letters, Bob mentioned to Gordon that they needed a dishwasher at G's in Houghton Lake was he interested, Gordon of course said yes. He has Saturday off and we are waiting to see for Sunday, but I just talked to Steph and we will definitely be there for the wedding. Steph had called to see if Megan could spend Friday night with her. Megan would have loved to, but Gordon doesn’t get off until midnight. If he doesn’t work on Sunday we will stay down there and hit our Saginaw meeting on the way home. What is Jackson’s schedule?

Melody is coming home soon, again I have no plans. I just know she wants to see her babies, I'll just be playing chauffeur. Quite frankly I am not even sure if she is planning on staying here.

We went up to Cadillac last night and saw way too much orange and red on the tress for this early in the year; the yucky weather is going to mess with my fall color.

Still totally captivated by the Olympics. The men's gymnastics judging was more like the ice-skating this year, makes for good drama but no so much for the sense of sport. I preferred the swimming set up to the track and field, I liked the way before each race was a blurb on the bottom of the screen that told you what the race was, what stage it was, and who the held the records. They probably tell you this stuff if you aren’t in fast forward mode, but I could read it all in FF mode for the swimming.

BB – I am tired of the twins, I can’t believe I ever actually rooted for Natalie to be able to come into the house on her own. The whine that Nikomis put them up for no reason, I guess they felt that if they said it often enough and louder it might become true. A of course had a great reason for putting up Will she didn’t think he was playing the game to his fullest ability. Whatever. I am liking Nikomis more and more each episode.

AR – what a difference an attitude makes. Chip is the greatest antithesis to Colin. Before the last night's show started I said I would like to see the twins gone, and am a bit disappointed that it was not an elimination round, but I really don’t want Colin and Christie to win. Colin because he is a jerk, Christie because she apologized to him because he was such a jerk.

What’s going on for Kewadin after Thanksgiving? Since it is a two night, we can drive and then we will have the car for Saturday to go to Brimley and Canada if everyone brings their birth certificate. We can even ditch the bus in St. Ignace and take the long way home past Victories and Turtle Creek. We are more than willing and happy to host Thanksgiving the schedule that I got has the bus boarding in West Branch.

Megan starts school tomorrow; she of course is absolutely thrilled. She exhibits this by moaning every once in while, “Why do I have to go to school.” I tried to help settle her down by having her clean her room and go through her clothes, I remember how much fun that was for me when I was her age. But she is just at that age when she doesn’t appreciate all I do for her. Oh well.

So you all know everything I do now. If I learn anything else I will keep you posted.


paulette said...

Since Mel is coming in on Labor Day weekend I was hoping we could get Jackson and his family to come down for a little pool time before the pool closes.

I agree. I like Nikomis a lot. She is absolutely right that the twins share that pinki swear that Adria made. She was swearing for both of them.

I sort of wanted Colin to end up in jail. I wanted to see how the show would deal with it. If they would put up his bail or anything. What was Colin thinking of arguing with the police. Have there not been enough movies made about americans in foreign jails?

I think doing Thanksgiving at your house is a marvelous idea. We can pick up the bus in West Branch and then you can drive up and stay with us in our room. Just like old times. Different sister is all. Aren't you glad I supplied you with a plethera of sisters?

Adrienne and I have another overnight scheduled for Traverse City on Monday the 29th. I don't know where all their pick-up points are tho. If we can't find a closer pick-up point (or just meet the bus in Traverse City) we may have to drive home Sunday night.

Adrienne said...

I have posted instead of commenting, because my comment was tooooooo looooooong.

ez said...

I am so sorry about the rejection letter. What a bummer.

Wait a minute! I am replacable? Just swap me out and Adrienne in? I feel so used.

Jackson's schedule this weekend is to get to Mom's around 1-2pm on Saturday and then off to Stephi's wedding. I don't imagine we will stay too long at the reception but it will depend on how he is doing (and if anyone takes Stephi up on her offer to smoke inside).

Sunday morning we are doing Grandma Zynda's for an hour or so then we hope to do some swimming before heading off to Lyle's parent's house for dinner. We will spend the night there and then drive home on Monday.

How Jackson does on this trip will decide if we can turn around and do it the next weekend for Labor Day, but let us know your plans (Mel's plans) so that we can try to fit in somehow.

I just booked a poolside room at Quality Inn for Wed and Thurs of Thanksgiving. I haven't talked to Lyle yet, but I thought I better get that in since I know they go fast in hunting season. So even if I can't go on the Kewadin trip at least I get Thanksgiving dinner.

Adrienne said...

And you cant come to Kewadin because?

marty said...

Those no caring bastards. They could have, at lease, written you a rejection letter and waited while they passed it around the office, friends and family to get approvals and improvements. Consolidated the results and impressed you by sending the perfect rejection letter.

Note. The perfect rejection letter is……Can you start on Monday?