Sunday, August 15, 2004

Real Reality TV

So after watching the Lions trample the Steelers last night our CBS station ran BB at 12:30. The football broadcast had Detroit UPN up in the corner so I am assuming that Mom got it on channel 50, and BB was on at normal time on channel 62. We don't have a UPN station (thus no Amish Kids). So I had thrown a tape in to tape the Olympics to watch after BB. At 4:00 am we are on the edge of our seats as Sandano comes oh so close to taking the Gold. Even fast forwarding through the Road Race (wow did they go fast on FF), we didn't finish the tape until close to 5:00. It was interesting watching the Men's Gymnastics, I loved the way the commentators kept showing us how far the Russians had fallen in their program, showing one Russian slip up after the next. I'm sure the Russian Channel had a similar tape of American slips as we had no shortage of those last night. Of course we were privy to the reasoning for the American's problems, the change in judging for Blaine Wilson and Brett McClure, I'm sure the Russians have no such excuses or we would have been told.

Tonight we have a meeting in Saginaw and are taping 5 hours of Olympics, 2 hours of Poker on Travel Channel, 1 hour of Poker on Fox Sports, and 1 Hour for the Days on ABC. It's a good thing I don't have a job to get in the way of all of this.

Other than that not much new here, Megan is home and back in routine. I trounced her in Tri-Versity last night. Tonya, Mike, and Jake were up last week, camping about 2 miles from the house. We visited them on Wednesday, it was way too cold for the kids to swim but they had fun at the park and putt-putt. We had a campfire with roasted hotdogs and S'mores (note correct spelling thanks Ris). There are some pictures up on Yahoo, nothing spectacular though.


ez said...

I think the picture of Jake is pretty amazing. What a big boy.

I wish I could watch more of the Olympics or at least pay more attention to what I do watch. You guys will have to keep me posted.

marty said...

Lions trample the Steelers? What hapopened to reality T.V.?

paulette said...

The Asians are coming. Most of what I saw of the men's gymnastics (I go back and forth) the commentators couldn't stop praising the Chinese and Japanese. They are all pretty good, but I just can't get behind those Japanese Fro's. People with hair that straight shouldn't try to wear a fro.

I'm looking forward to that 100m freestyle shootout today. Battle of the Phelps, Thorpe and VanDenHoogenBoomerangingtongiacomopuccini.

Pretty poor showing by all of them in the 4x100m freestyle relay yesterday. (Big excitement, Canada just tied up the water polo game against Russia).

I have finally ordered standard basic cable and they are going to turn it on tomorrow. Probably not in time for the 5 am live tennis on Bravo but it should be on in time for the 5 pm tennis. Also in time for the Little League World Series games this weekend on espn2.