Wednesday, August 18, 2004

What do you say when there is nothing to say in 2789 words or less

One - Yes, the Lions trouncing the Steelers is reality tv, preseason reality but reality none the less, the have to let the fans get their hopes up for the maximum effect when the real season starts.

Two – What happened to the ads? I only see ads on Steph and Mel’s blogs. On Erika’s where she has Jackson’s age the line is partially cut off. Like the screen is too small to hold it all.

Three – The Olympics are awesome. I loved the Greek synchronized divers, and the Japanese male gymnasts. Watching both you hoped for an error so the US would get the gold – or at least a medal for diving – so Megan and I are yelling “Fall, Fall, Fall, Wow.” We watched the rowing repechages after reading Mom’s blog, but not Dad’s definition, so later after the definition I went out all intelligent into the living room and said to Gordon you know those repechages we watched this afternoon, he said “Yeah, for the loser boats” I said, “Never Mind.” I read an interview in Time Magazine today with Bob Costas, when asked if he could be an athlete at the games what would he want to be doing, he said that the coxswain of the rowing team would be manageable (Megan wants that job too). The US female gymnasts reminded me of the Russians last time, visibly disappointed in the silver. They were lucky to get that with all the mistakes they made, what happened to little Courtney McCool (I’m not sure if that really is her last name, but we seem to have forgot what it was), she didn’t do anything in the finals. Gordon is a bit disappointed to not see Curling in the schedule; we all have fond memories of watching curling on channel 9 as kids. The swimming is great, I loved the enthusiasm Michael Phelps showed when winning the gold for the relay, much more it seemed than for his individual one earlier in the evening. I vicariously feel part of the team. I watched Iraq win a soccer game, the commentators talked about how the game is becoming more popular with the fall of Suddam as one of the mean sons liked the game so much many people were afraid to play as there was harsh punishment for a bad play, reminded me of learning to play Euchre. Soccer just seems so hard, the field is huge, bigger than a football field, and yet they are constantly using the whole thing, not just a little piece at a time like in football. Sort of like the field hockey but that was just to hard to figure out what was going on. Water Polo was cool though, that goalie has a tough job. I like beach volleyball much more than regular volleyball, both of them are much better this year with the rally scoring. I watched some ping pong, are the tables smaller? The equestrian stuff is okay, but slow, on fast forward it looks really cool. In fact it looks a lot like the white water stuff, which those of us here have agreed would be awesome to do if it was motorized and we didn’t have to paddle. We watched some Judo, but it is too much like wrestling, the fencing was interesting but what did they do before they had light up helmets?

Oh yeah, I have a job interview on Friday with the Tawas Chamber of Commerce. It is for a full time temporary position running through November or December when they are restructuring the staff based on hiring a new head person. I have to write a paragraph of no more than 100 words on the benefits of visiting the Tawas area. So expect something to proof for me tomorrow.

I think that is all the life sucking stuff I’ve got.


ez said...

I saw Phelps after the relay. I think I saw a little too much of Phelps after the relay. Good lord could his pants have been any lower? I think he must be a Ken doll, because if he had anything lower than that we would have seen it. He was happy though and that was nice. I missed all of the gymnastics for one reason or another.

So, I guess that other stupid job did not come through. Did they even call you? Good luck on the Tawas thing.

ez said...

The ads went away with everyone newest post. The only ones left with ads right now (for me) are Melody and Stephi and they are the ones that haven't posted in a few days. Gretch, you had ads until today when you put up your post. Hmmmmmm.

marty said...

Fencing……You wonder how they scored this before the electric light helmets. It was simple. They had sharp points and it you hit you opponent he bled. They didn’t even keep score of the number or severity of the hits, if you died you lost. There was no winning, ‘ I stuck him more.’ Dead men file no appeals.

Now, about the event itself. I don’t think I had ever seen fencing and the sport would be much better served it I had remained a virgin. I was looking for Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. slugging it out with Cyrano. Or a Musketeer locking blades with Zorro (gay or straight). This was more like two kids in an alley with broom handles.

I’m sure it takes great skill and that I would get my head handed to me, but it still lacked any grace or artistry. It had the same finesse as a game of Slap Jacks or Hands Down. Why did they have to spoil my illusion.