Monday, August 09, 2004

Blasts from the Pasts

On Saturday Gordon and I drove up to Petoskey for an open speaker meeting. We got there early and walked around downtown Petoskey for a little while. At one point we passed a little hole in the wall bar that looked closed, but much of downtown Petoskey looked closed. There were tons of people walking around and 75% of the stores were closed at 7:00 at night. So anyway, this bar had a board outside with coming attractions and listed for the 22nd was Pete Kehoe. Couldn't be our Pete Kehoe, I read the rest of the board from the 22nd up and noticed on the top it said December. Sure enough the last entry was 31st, New Year's Eve bash. We got home very late, and went to bed, but I couldn't sleep so I got on line for a while. I did a google on Pete Kehoe and sure enough it is our Pete Kehoe, although you will see from this link that he is using pictures of his dad on the web site, maybe he wants to convey the more mature look.

Then on Sunday I had a 2:00 meeting in Troy and a 7:00 in Saginaw, so I left Troy about 5:00 and needed a soda. I didn't want to stop at one of the main freeway exits (Jocelyn Road, Baldwin Road - remember those from going to Grandma's and the beach - Jocelyn Road had a drive in - key word had - now it has a major mall and tons of restaurants and Michigan left turns and yuk!) So I got off and the first non-commercial exit - Dixie Highway - to avoid traffic hassles. Sure enough there was a gas station right off the exit - Erika would have been proud. Coming out there were no left turn signs, and once you made a right there were signs that said North I-75 straight NO U TURN. So I continued along Dixie highway expecting an entrance at some point to I-75, as I passed the Whoopee Bowl, having seen no further signs for I-75, I turned in and made a left out back to the original entrance. The Whoopee Bowl was closed for the day, but appeared to still be in business.

Gordon was not much impressed with either of my discoveries, thank goodness for blogging.


ez said...

OMG!! That is too cool. I think Pete looks great, even if he is his dad. I haven't explored the site but it looks like he is doing OK. And to add the Whopee Bowl on top of it, man, what a great weekend. Too bad it wasn't open, then Gordon would have been impressed. Peanut butter jar full of rusty nails for only .25, used coloring books at bargain prices. Woo hoo.

KathrynVH said...

Pete looks great--the wonders of the internet. I'm sorry to find out that the Woopie Bowl is still in business, but I'm just not surprised--they must still have all that stuff to unload. P.S. Did you all call Taj and wish him a happy 50th birthday yesterday?

Adrienne said...

So did anyone email Pete? I didnt want to in case someone else did and it looked like the Van Houtens were stalking him.

Whoo Hoo the Whoopie Bowl was awesome, it was the highlight of driving down Dixie Hwy with nothing around for miles.

If I remember correctly Sandy was your garage sale buddy, you should take her she would be impressed!

KathrynVH said...

Your ad here is for Exit signs and emergency lighting--who knew someone was actually in that business and would pay to put out an ad about it.

paulette said...

It is truly amazing how much Pete looks like his dad did at that age. I doubt Jack still looks like that.
That piece of Dixie highway is like West Branch, there is another I-75 Interchange farther down the road.

paulette said...

So, did anyone ever email Pete. How is he doing? How are Pat and Jack? How is Katie? What good are old friends if they can't stalk you a little?