Monday, March 28, 2005

Bunny Food

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usDinner at Robin's was great she had way too much food, dressings, and salads, and vegetables, and macaroni things, and pies, all in addition to the required Easter fixin's. Quite a few people too I counted 19. Megan went over early and hid eggs for the kids to find. Chris called while we were there and I got to talk to him for a while something I haven't done in over a year. He's doing well, he has been transferred to a different prison, my understanding is that it is one step closer (although no where near) camp cupcake. But he has better opportunities there (school, work) to actually use this time to his advantage.Image Hosted by He has even been thwarted already by trying to enrol in available programs that are not for his criminal type. He wanted to enrol in a domestic violence prevention program but since that is not what he is in for he doesn't qualify. Gordon scraped walls for a couple of hours in the morning while I slept in but other than that we took the day off. I'm kind of getting used to sleeping on a matteress in the living room. There are more pictures up on the yahoo site.

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ez said...

I love the bunny cake.

"That's not what he is in for!" OMG that is one of the stupider policies I have heard of; right after you can't shoot your gun unless they have already shot you.

I'm sure everyone in there could benefit from every kind of anger management device they have to throw at them.

Woo hoo on the job (albiet temp). I will be at mom's with Jackson on Friday afternoon (I want to leave here as soon as he wakes up).