Sunday, March 20, 2005

Easter Snow

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The Easter Bunny came to West Branch bringing with him a good dumping of the cold, wet (and much wetter than normal) stuff. Saturday had all the makings of a nice spring day when we walked into K-Mart. We came out unable to see into the parking lot for the sheet of white that had assaulted us. By the time we made it to the car we were soaked. Every snowflake had to have contained a ¼ cup of water. We scraped off the car and skidded across the parking lot to Glen’s. Finding what items we could and trying to get back home as soon as possible, Megan took the boys out and got them in the car as Gordon and I were getting rain checks for sale items.
Good Megan had waited outside the car to help load the groceries and had attempted to keep the car clean of snow, her attempts were futile and we came out to a snow Megan. Covered in the white stuff with glowing red cheeks from the cold. Somehow I managed to completely forget about the snow for when dinner time came around I suggested Hot n Ready pizzas. Realizing too late that once Pizza has been spoken out loud, it is too late to go to grilled cheese sandwiches I ventured back into the snow literally sliding my way back to Glen’s parking lot and picking up two Hot n Ready pizzas. I’m not sure if the problem was because the snow was so wet, or if the county is out of salt this late in a winter season with a lot of snow fall, but the roads had not improved.
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While we shopping Steph had called and told her story of flying stand by, asking if she could get a flight into Flint if I could pick her up. I’m not sure she has a real grip on Michigan geography and realizes that Flint is much closer to Detroit than it is to West Branch but her woe included an out of town parent and a car held hostage in an employee parking lot . (One sure sign of being the next generation is you stopped listening to at least every other word in tales of woe from the generation(s) below you.) So of course I said, sure just let me know what you need when you know. After seeing the wall of white, and driving on the roads I was weighing the importance of a hamster’s haircut with the stress of a white knuckle 150 mile drive. Luckily for me, and not so luckily for the hamsters, she called later to let me know that she was unable to get a flight until Monday and would be flying into DTW where her car was being held hostage.

The temp job ended on Friday, so I am officially back to unemployed. The company I was working with hired someone else to fill the position and though I could go into all of my rationalizations of why they chose to do this, nobody really wants to read that long of a blog.

I finally got down on the floor last night and cut out two of the six curtains for my bedroom, and hopefully we will be able to paint it next week. I bought one of those laser straight line things, and it was extremely helpful in cutting out the material. I have had the material for a while, but the task of spreading it out and measuring and cutting and ironing was daunting, so I focused on all of the easy stuff for Megan’s room, and then made a few blankets out of remnants that needed to measuring, cutting, or ironing. But with the laser line I spread the material out, ironed in my bottom hem, measured down 66 inches lined the light up with the 66 line on the tape measure and Megan cut along the line. I could then just iron in my top hem. Hopefully I will get the other four cut tonight and then all I have to do is stitch them and figure out what I want to do with the extra material. We bought the laser light because we are seriously considering doing stripes in the bedroom. Can too much trading spaces be a bad thing?


Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't call you today. I thought I was clear about not being able to go the route to upper Mich. I am still hoping to get out on Monday, however Tuesday is a horrible option as well. Steph

ez said...

Wow, you would think it was spring or something. They are predicting snow for us this week, but nothing that will stay around long.

Poor hampster, he won't be able to see a thing by the time they get back to give him his haircut. But, a few extra days in LA never killed anyone (well, hardly ever).

Sorry about the job, but it wasn't what you wanted anyway. My fingers are still crossed.

BTW the width is still too big to have the text wrap. I make my 350pixels at the most wide.