Saturday, March 12, 2005

If you were waiting for me to post

The interview in Standish was a wash, great job – lots of challenges, casual office (mud and smoking at each desk), no pay and absolutely no benefits. I had another interview in Houghton Lake this Friday, job looks interesting, minimal pay, minimal benefits. Meanwhile I am still at the temp job, I understand what I am doing, and what the company in general is doing but I just can’t get how they make any money at it. They really like me, and we are starting to talk permanent. I hate what I am doing, straight data entry, but if the compensation is okay and there is room to grow then it’s a great possibility.

Things are going along fine at home. Megan is student of the week this week. It’s about time, every month I get a newsletter listing the students of the week, I told her she was grounded if she didn’t put forth the effort soon, but she came through. Her room is still clean, I am actually very amazed. Even her closet. She is at the movies with Robin and the boys right now seeing Robots, last week they went to see The Pacifier.

Having lost everything on my computer I lost my list of books that I have read, and have not had to ambition to start it again. I haven’t read anything really interesting this year except Conviction by Richard North Patterson. I went to the library today to refill and they were closed due to furnace problems. Strangely enough I am not panicking, I’m sure I’ll find something to read.

Gordon is working every hour he can get, and is getting in the groove of me being gone all week again. I came home to a very shiny house, with the furniture in places it had never been before. Somehow, when I was in charge of that the furniture knew it’s place and stayed there.

The big news I guess, is Heather is pregnant. I believe she is planning on (or may have already) marrying this new boyfriend Don. She is ecstatic about the baby, and I figure if they had waited till I thought it was a good time to have a baby, I wouldn’t have Beenie, Bryan, or Sean. As long as all I have to do is love ‘em we’re okay.

I don’t go on line at work, and Mommy’s computer doesn’t always like me so I’ll post again when I can, or if anything really exciting happens. But don’t let that stop the rest of you.


ez said...

I am glad everything is going smoothly. I hope the temp job turns into something wonderful. Where is it?

ez said...

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot--OMG. I am glad that you will have another baby to play with, but OMG.

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