Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Chair

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe Easter Bunny came and left a chair with candy and plush. Fortunately, he did not leave any additional snow since we still have plenty left from his previous visit. We are stripping all of the new paint off the walls, the spots left from pulling the tape off were just too much. I picked up a gallon of rich blue, so the good news is I will not have green walls in my bedroom. Gordon seems to be fixtated on green for the bedroom walls and we have always ended up painting them green. I had almost resigned myself to having green forever since whenever I have not had Gordon I was also not willing to paint. But we went with a blue and I picked up some green and blue striped material for the closet doors. I have learned that taking paint off takes twice as long as putting it on, and the more paint there is the easier it comes off. We are going to Robin's for dinner, Megan is over there now hiding eggs. I will hopefully get some pictures and will post more later.


Gretchen said...

One thing I did notice while I was at Home Depot yesterday was the box for the blue painter's tape said for "Cured" paint. I didn't know paint was sick and needed a full dose of anti-biotics before taping. Or do they mean cured as in ham with salt?

ez said...

Forgetting to salt the paint is such a rookie mistake.