Tuesday, July 27, 2004

This is getting weird

As anyone who reads this knows I have a job interview tomorrow at 9:30 am with Delphi in Saginaw.  The position is Facilities Coordinator.  I am going through a recruiter called CAE Tech located in Farmington Hills.  I had originally applied back in the beginning of June, not knowing at that time that it was Delphi just CAE Tech, which I thought was the hiring company.  Last week I started getting phone calls and emails from CAE Tech asking if I was still interested in the position.  I replied to each and every one of them, thinking this company has no clue what it is doing I have 10 different people contacting me about the same thing, they really need me!  So then I get an email stating that I have an interview with Delphi in Saginaw with a map to the interview location and a word document of the job description, this is when I catch on that I am dealing with a recruiter.

This morning I receive a phone call from Julie at CAE Tech verifying that I know about the interview and that I am planning to go.  After I affirmed this, she told me the president of the company would like to speak to me today before I go, and would be calling me this afternoon if possible.  I told her I was fine with that.  A few minutes ago I got a call from Stan at CAE Tech to verify that I have powerpoint so that he could put together a presentation of my skills for me to take with me to the interview.  I told him I did have powerpoint, and then he told me Vic wanted to talk to me.  Vic got on the line and explained that he would like me to put together a presentation based on the job description and how I would be the best person to fill it.  I asked him if the intention was for me to present this or to print it out.  He said to print it out and leave them with something that spoke to my abilities.  something that they would have to look back at when considering who to hire.  All in all it sounded like a great idea, and I was working the presentation in my idea while he was going on.  He then asked if I could come into their Farmington Hills office today so they could print it out and bind it for me.  I told him no, that I would need time to create it (It was 1:00 in the afternoon already) and then it would be a 2 1/2 hour drive in.   I explained that I could print it here and pick up some presentation binders at Wal-Mart.  He then told me that they would probably have someone meet me in Saginaw as they have 4 people interviewing for the position tomorrow and will need to give them printed copies of theirs.  So much for standing out in a crowd.    But I have to get working on the presentation.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh yeah, I'm assuming that Vic is the president I needed to speak to, if not they'll be interrupting again for a phone call.  They do need me, this should have been done last week!


Melody said...

woohoo my mommy is getting a job. it's about time. it sounds like they really want you to come work for them. that's awesome. well good luck, and i would call you but i don't even think i have a minute left on my phone. i'll call you after 9 o'clock my time. good luck again, love you lots!

paulette said...

Sounds like you could run rings around those people. I know your's is going to be the bestest presentation ever.

KathrynVH said...

Good luck. Quick learner and excellent organizational skills are good terms to use. Will work for food is probably over the top. Check your spelling and tenses. Be Confident, but not cocky, Assertive, but not agressive, Businesslike, but folksie. Nothing to it--give 'em hell.

Really, good luck.

ez said...

For those of you that know and love her (and have powerpoint) her presentation can be found here.



Adrienne said...

Very cool and impressive. Better luck to you!

Melody said...

looks awesome. although i don't really know what i am supposed to be looking for. i guess it's cuz i don't know a lot about the job.