Wednesday, July 21, 2004

What a difference a day makes

Okay so yesterday my bank account balance was -517.22 today it is -1,302.78, $500 of which is bank overdrafts fees.  $25 for each use, 20 uses, so far there are a total of 25 fraudulent uses.

I went to the State Police to make the report.  The woman I talked to has never used an ATM, a credit card, does not have cable tv, own a VCR, she just got a microwave a few months ago when someone gave her their old one.  And yet, she totally understood everything I told her and was able to write it intelligently into her report.  God, I wish she worked for the bank!

I then went to the bank with a printout from the internet showing the latest charges, since the last time they had a hard time finding what was out there.  And filled out the paperwork for the additional 8 purchases.  Still mostly at gas stations however there were also a couple of liquor stores this time also.  I guess they felt the need to celebrate.

I then went to National City and reactivated an account I had there so I could deposit my unemployment check and pay my bills.  The account was at a negative balance prior to my deposit (only $6), so they were not able to issue me a new ATM card (actually request the issuance of a new ATM card), but the woman stated that she could do this tomorrow once my deposit had cleared.  She did set me up for on-line banking (no charge - there's a $4 monthly fee at my OLD bank) but it won't take effect for 7-10 days.  Since I have no checks for this account, I then proceeded to call the folks that I owe money too right now and ask for an extension.  Most were cooperative, and the rest screw em.

On the good side, I have an interview with Delphi in Saginaw on Wednesday at 9:30 am.  The position is Coordinator General.  The job description reads as Administrative Assistant so I should do awesome.  I'll let you know how it goes.


Stephi said...

Days make a wonderful difference. I personally enjoy Friday payday differences. Please ask Sandy and Robin to send back their RSVPs I love you.

KathrynVH said...

Banks, can't live without them and can't kill them. So you actually met someone from the dark ages--I was wondering where she was. Good luck at Delphi.

P.S. Megan's still having fun. We left her alone for half an hour last night and she didn't know she was supposed to answer the phone, but she was clueless that I was nervous. We went to Dad's and watched Ken win again. Then to Mary's and Megan got to go swimming at night in the dark. She was so jazzed. She got to stay in the pool as long as it took me to drink a diet coke. I tried to nurse it, but she was fine leaving when I was done. We have big plans tonight--we're going to the grocery store.