Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Now I know they are crazy

Okay, so after going over powerpoint with Erika I send it on to CAE for them to review, I am a little apprehensive about doing this as I do not want it replicated for the other interviewees tomorrow.  I get a call right away from Vic - who did I mention speaks English as a second (or maybe third) language - telling me that I am representing CAE Tech and that their information not mine should be on the front page.  That is the gist, what he did was talk for over five minutes about how if I wanted to use my own background that is okay he guesses but I needed to look at the sample they sent to me and use their information.  After several clarifying questions from me I was able to determine (I think) what he wanted.  I will also be giving them a resume with my information on it so I am okay with putting CAE on the cover page, and even added their logo.

Then he goes on how the Job Description stuff is nice but it's three slides and I need more information on my project management stuff.  Then he goes on, and on, about project management stuff.  I clearly do not understand what he is talking about since I took the job description information from the document that they sent to me.    He says - yeah that's what it is with Delphi the additional information is the job description.  So I ask "On the document you sent to me it has Job Description, is that not the description for the job I am interviewing for?"  Here I paraphrase what I think Vic was saying - The job description that I so eloquently responded to is for a job classification and the additional information is for the actual job I am interviewing for.  So I have them send me the additional information which is the actual job description, most of it is the same as the other but does include project management stuff.  So I am now redoing (adding to) the presentation to include project management/tracking abilities.

They had better hire me.


KathrynVH said...

Wow. Great power point and if you understand what they are asking you to change--go to the head of the class. Good luck.

ez said...

I will go through that and post it first thing in the morning. I am having trouble with my email staying up for more than two seconds. I am glad you got the clarification.

ez said...

Looks good here is the new one. I left the old one up at ggerth.ppt just in case you wanted to use it for something else. Good luck!!


paulette said...

That's the best resume thing I ever saw. They better hire you.