Monday, July 26, 2004

Nothing New Here

Nothing is new or exciting here so I will just respond.  Mom the picture can be enlarged by clicking on it.  You may not have noticed but they were in the water, I was as close as I could get and stay dry.  Erika, Jane had stomach stapling I think, some type of weight reduction surgery.  She's lost about 200 pounds.  She had the surgery over a year ago, and had a real hard time afterward ended up hospitalized a couple of times.  But it all worked out I guess.

Melody you know almost everyone in the pictures, the one little girl with Beeny opening her presents is Riley her friend from school.  Riley is a lot like Sabrina - at one point Heather had left to fill the water balloons so Sabrina took the opportunity to go through the gift bags that she had been told to leave alone, when I told her to stop Riley responded "It's okay I told her she could."  (I hate the period inside the quotation marks.)  Melissa (AKA Neighbor Lady) is our next door neighbor, mother of Alex and Emma that the kids play with all the time.  Up until the party when Robin said "I don't think I caught your name" she has been referred to as neighbor lady since no one knew her name.   You may not have met Alex and Emma since you left in the winter, but the kids play outside with them constantly.  The only other kid there was Xachary (pronounced Zachary), Jacque's (pronounced Jackie's) little brother.  There are some other kids in the duck race but they are just strangers from the park since we had extra ducks.

There was a family reunion next to us at the park about 50 people or so.  For about an hour every 15 monutes or so they would all line up in this gazebo type thing for a family shot.  They must have did this 4 or 5 times.  So jokingly when I walked past to go to the duck drop I asked a guy if they would all get together for me so I could take a picture.  He disgustingly replied, "Who are you?"  I explained that I was no one but that they all looked so good together.  He laughed and said, "Yeah, everytime we got done someone else showed up and said 'Oh, I want a picture of everyone' I thought maybe you were just a relative I didn't know and if you're this late one I don't like."

Things are pretty boring here, everyone interesting went to California.  Job interview is on Wednesday.  I'll keep you posted.

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