Sunday, November 02, 2008

C is for Christmas Decorations

No that's not last year's tree. That's this year's. It would be up sooner but Gordon draws the line at Halloween weekend. Since he's the one that does the majority of the work I concede. There are trees, and lights around the ceiling, and villages, and touches in every room. This year with two houses to decorate it's twice the fun.

I'm grateful for a husband who understands how much I love these decorations. I'm grateful for the bargains I pick up every year after Christmas that add to our collections. And I'm grateful for the feeling of serenity I get when surrounded by Christmas.


Anonymous said...

As we were at KMart this evening looking at the 90% OFF Halloween section, I was thinking that it was weird to be listening to Christmas music while I did it. I will not listen to Christmas music on my own until Thanksgiving. I think I will use your picture as a desktop to try to get me in the spirit of it all sooner... lol


ez said...

I didn't know the cutoff for decorating had moved to Halloween, the last I heard it was just before Thanksgiving.

I think you should leave it up all year long and you can be known in the neighborhood as that crazy Christmas lady.