Monday, November 03, 2008

Lions, and Tigers, and Wings Oh My

Day 4 of my gratitude diary and D is for Detroit sports teams. I enjoy watching sports, I enjoy it even more with a team I care about. And I do care about my home teams, win or lose, good or awful, you don't root against the home team in my house. I've always enjoyed football, and the blue streak in hockey helped my follow the game so now that it is gone I can still enjoy the game, the talk radio station I listen to started carrying the tiger games and I found I really enjoyed listening to them on the radio soon I was seeking them out on TV also (it may have helped that the Tigers had a couple of winning seasons), I still don't really get into basketball but I can watch a game here or there during the season and if (like there is an if in the Piston's game plan) Detroit makes it to the playoffs I watch most of the games. It's not about winning, since of all my teams the Lions are my favorite (0-8 so far this season), but about the spirit of the game. I am grateful to live in an area that has such a wide variety of sports teams to cheer on.

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Marcel said...

Following the home team is available in every large city and people in those cities root for their teams every bit as much as you do. They also get the same pleasure from their teams as you do for yours. Is this a great country or what?