Friday, November 21, 2008

Self Checkout

Those who know me know they can't take me anywhere. I seem to bring out the worst in customer service. Which is why I am so very grateful for the U-Scan machines appearing all over. They started with the express lanes with a limit on the number of items and a small area for bagging. My Meijer's now have no limit ones where after you scan the item it goes on a belt down to Gordon waiting to bag it. There is a cashier assigned to all of the machines in case a problem occurs, I hate when that happens since they are usually the least competent and are handling 10 lines, but I can usually figure it out myself or just skip the item.
I am also grateful that we are already on the letter U, Z is right around the corner and then my sisters will be here. WOOHOO.


Marcel said...

When these machines came out it was believed that some groceries would be, somehow, stolen. Having used them, I don't see how it can be done. At B.J's they have a person that checks to see if the number of items in the cart matches the number of items on the receipt.

Sean M. said...

I love U-Scans. Those are the only registers I use if I can help it. I also run the U-Scan fairly frequently at work. We have one machine that runs four registers, and it is usually run very efficiently. When I am running it, everything goes very smoothly. :-D

Also, the U-Scans are so sophisticated that they weigh everything as it is put on the bag rack. If something's weight doesn't match up with the assigned weight, there is a signal that comes up with the cashier, and they can then check it out. Also, if something is added without being scanned, it once again alerts the cashier. This also keeps people from getting away with things. I love U-Scans. haha