Thursday, November 20, 2008


The Learning Channel. I got hooked on those home improvement shows. Not sure why or how. I never cared about any of that, in fact I'm sure somewhere in my blogs there is the line, "with Gordon not here the furniture has been in the same place". Gordon was always the decorator in our home, driving me crazy moving the furniture around weekly. I still pretty much leave the furniture to him, but I do so love decorating.

Trading Spaces has to be my favorite, seeing how things could change on a small budget. When I lost my job a while back and had too much time on my hands I went a little wild with OOPS paint. I've went back on the blog and reread about the redoing of most every room. Now with the house in Westland it's been a total transformation as mentioned in other blogs. I am most grateful for my counter, which should have completed tomorrow. After Thanksgiving I'll do a whole post on it.

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Marcel said...

You have something in common with your aunt Pat.