Wednesday, November 05, 2008

To Err is Human

My E is for erasers. I make mistakes, a lot of them. But I do not have to get stuck in them because I have erasers. I can start over and try again. I have often been told "You think you're always right", and the truth is that by the time I open my mouth I do. But first I have added up the numbers and then started at the bottom to make sure they tied, and then subtracted what I started with and balanced with what I was expecting. And then erased it all and started over if it didn't.

I came up with my E at work today, while nothing was balancing and I had to keep starting over. I was grateful that I have erasers, and am willing to use them. I just got home and am downloading files to work on from home, checking the other blogs while I did that I smiled at Erika's. Tonight I have a 4000 line Excel spreadsheet that with the help of filters and formulas I need to reduce to a one line summary for upper management. But me and Excel go way back, great pick Erika.


Marcel said...

The first paragraph is confusing to me. Are you talking about math? It must be something else because there are always calculators about which will give the correct answer.

ez said...

This is funny because mom once claimed complete ignorance about what "white out" was. When the person she was talking to said it was to cover over mistakes she said "Oh, I don't make those."

I never laughed so hard.

I don't think I have used an actual, physical eraser in years, but my backspace key sure gets a workout.

Adrienne said...

I haven't used a calculator since I HAD to in high school. I prefer to do all math in my head or if necessary with a pencil and paper.

How can you tell a blondes computer in the office? It's the one with white out on the monitor.