Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Remote Controls

They come for everything, my kids have no comprehension of a tv without a remote, my mom had one for her ceiling fan in the old place, toy trucks are no longer pushed but controlled remotely. The one I am most grateful for starts my car on these bitter cold mornings, just the two minutes or so it runs before I get in blows the residual cold air out of the vents and starts melting the snow on the windows.


ez said...

Very good pick!

This is too funny. I can remember sitting practically in the alley so that I would not be the closest to the TV and hence required to change the channel. Why on earth was it such a chore. There weren't even that many channels to review before deciding. Getting in those UHF channels was a pain in the butt.

BTW I want that car one!

Marcel said...

The remote car starter is a must for those that can afford it. When I lived in Canton I had that starter and went to the car only when all the snow or ice was melted off the windshield. The car was always warm then. It enabled me to move the ice scraper to the trunk of the car.

That device is unknown here in Florida. Getting into a hot car is unpleasant also and a business is awaiting the person who will market it here.