Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Zippity Do Dah, Zippity Yay

My O my what a wonderful day. It's an attitude, and attitude doesn't have to be a nasty word. I'm grateful for people who maintain an attitude of happiness and gratitude, it's contagious, I can't help but smile.

Thank you for allowing my to share my gratitude with you. As anyone not living under a rock knows I am off for a weekend of laughing and gambling with my sisters. I will truly attempt to continue to update and I hope you continue to comment.

Happy Thanksgiving

1 comment:

Marcel said...

Hey, I sang right along with your ditty. It was from "Song of the South" which is no longer aloud to be seen, racial overtones you know. It would be an enhancement if we could put in some musical notes in our offerings.