Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I absolutely love my library. My library is small enough that they know me by name and know what I like to read, but big enough that they are on line so I can reserve books and get an email when they are in. They know I am only there on the weekends and will hold a book an extra day for me. I love to read and get nervous if I don't have a book I'm reading and the next one I'm going to read (two would be better just in case I don't like the first one). I read popular fiction an I'm not intimidated by a book and feel that I need to keep reading just in case it gets better. I have applied the phrase "I wouldn't kick her out of my bed" to books. I am grateful for a never ending supply, for free.


Marcel said...

Do you ever get books from Rita? On a number of occasions she has offered me books but she only reads fiction, not what I like and I turned them down. My reading is almost exclusively non-fiction.

Gretchen said...

Yes, Rita has given me several bags of books, usually I have already read them, but I then donate them to the library which has a Book-Nook in the basement where they sell used books. My magazines go to the local nursing home.